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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Singapore IT Fair @ Suntec City

It's been a LONG day.

Had lessons from 9am - 12pm, then practiced till 4-ish. After Guan Yu finished her Pedagogy class, we headed to City Hall to meet up with Benji and Xin Ling.

It was a pretty long walk to the IT Fair venue, and the place was REALLY crowded. Didn't take pictures (cause you probably couldn't stretch your arms out in that crowd) but it somehow reminds me of what our KL night markets are like. 

Seriously, there were people shouting: Over HERE! You buy THIS ONE *waving a laptop in the air*, I give you THAT one *brandishes freebies* FREE! GOOD DEAL!! 

Anyways, Guan Yu got spanking new (and awesome-sounding) earphones + laser printer, her bro purchased - after much deliberation - speakers, Benji got a printer toner and Xing Lin bought headphones.

We headed to dinner at Cafe Cartel (again, for Guan Yu and I) after that. Boy, my feet and back were exhausted as hell. 

Guan Yu and Benji's St. Louis Ribs:

From left: Xing Lin, Wei Shun, Guan Yu
 Benji was complaining about how his ribs seemed to be more rib than meat in comparison to Guan Yu's so I took a picture of both to compare:
Guan Yu's (very neatly eaten)
Benji's (Bones + Tendons galore)
I couldn't finish mine either:
Grilled Chicken Chops
 My dish was really really good, but it was SO big and I already had mushroom soup before that!

After we were done eating, we naturally began talking and Guan Yu proceeded to unveil the mystery of the rib bones - she was digging in the bone to see what the bone marrow was like.

 Still digging...

We left at 11pm-ish, Benji, Xing Lin and I by train, Guan Yu and Wei Shun by bus. I only made it back to PGP 20 minutes past midnight, tired, but satisfied.

I've got to sleep now or I'll drop dead tomorrow so... 


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