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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Of Good Laughs and Awesome Company

Another long long day...

Woke up at around 9-ish to bathe and practice. Headed to Souptel's place at about 5 for major lesson. Was at UE Square - his girlfriend owns a studio there.

While waiting (I was 30mins early):
Main lobby
The walkway
 Headed back to school after that, and Guan Yu accompanied me while I had Yang Chow Fried Rice + 100Plus for dinner (I hadn't had a proper lunch yet, so I was starving).

I was already quite tired, but then Guan Yu asked if we (Budi and I) would like to go for supper. O_O So... yea, we ended up at Al Ameen's with Benji and Xing Lin (who drove).

Guan Yu and Benji had Maggi Goreng:

I had my standard cheese naan:
Yummy stuff
Butter Chicken
Budi's Fried Rice
 It was amusing how Budi saved the egg for last. He, very carefully, ate all the rice surrounding it and under it, finally popping the whole thing - yolk first - into his mouth. Guan Yu was so tempted to poke it. LOL!

That was not the end of the night. We were at Starbucks after that, because Guan Yu told Xin Ling and Benji about how it's the biggest Starbucks branch in Singapore. 

So yes, I had my standard cup of Cafe Latte - at 1 friggin a.m. in the morning:

Which explains why I'm not asleep yet - I think the caffeine is working.

Still gotta wake up tomorrow to practice + meet Guan Yu for lunch + do laundry + clean my room so I'd better go get some rest now.

Going out more often helps, 
especially when I really miss you...

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