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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Enough Is Enough

My sister's blog post said it all. . .

Read it : HERE.

How much more pain do You intend to put her through before You're satisfied?

I don't understand You.

Not - one - bit.

My grandmother hates having to rely on people. The pain, she could bear to a certain extent; but now You're taking away her strength to even WALK?

What the fuck is wrong with You???

People are getting away with murder and corruption and my grandmother has to deal with stabbing pains in her body the whole day?

What was the point in giving her hope if You were going to take it all away anyways?

Did You ever stop to think how my grandfather would handle it if You decided to take her away after You're done torturing her?? He cried when my mom and aunt told him about my grandmother's condition, bloody hell.

I'm hoping for a miracle, but I'm done putting any of my faith in You. It has been nothing short of a waste of time. I've kept praying for her to get better, my family and I kept telling her to put her faith in You, for You are the only (supposed) Healer. . .

Well, I've got news for You: if You can make someone as caring, loving and supportive as my grandmother suffer this much, You don't deserve to have ANY of my love nor affection. My time would be better spent working hard so that my grandmother will be proud of me.

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