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Friday, 16 September 2011

Eating and Shopping!

I was at Vivo again yesterday to buy macadamia nuts for the mom and Wee Qin. Guan Yu joined me there and we had dinner at Sushi Tei!

Nice view, no?

Our Table
California Maki
My Ebi Don (Fried Prawn with Egg + Rice): 

Guan Yu's Curry Chicken + Rice:

We were at Tangs after that. Guan Yu picked a bathroom scale for herself and I was looking at dresses.

The one I tried out, by Daniel Yam:

What do you guys think? I really really like it, but (as Guan Yu pointed out) I might be biased cause I just LOVE the color.

Was tempted to get this other maxi dress from Island Shop as well, but it was too expensive. *sobs* It's ok, I'll wait till it goes on sale!

Ok I gotta go pack now cause I'm leaving for KL tomorrow morning. 5 hour bus ride - blergh. . . Toodles!

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