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Friday, 30 September 2011

Doggie Cards!

Received something yesterday that I squealed at the minute I saw what it was:

Wait for it... wait for it...

You may now scream.

Like seriously, how cute is this!!!

My favorites:

Close ups:

No, they are not available here. James got it for me in Aspen and passed it Kah Chun to bring it back to Singapore for me. Hahaha. Thanks dear! *hugs*

I was just telling Guan Yu now we can bridge with these cards and stare at cute dogs at the same time!!! How awesome is that???

That aside, I went to see the doc this morning (well, by the time it was my turn, it was pass lunch time *frown*) and yea... I sprained my shoulder. Doc says to stay off moving my left shoulder for 5 days at least. Gave me some muscle relaxants to help with the pain and another type of pill to help with the swelling. Should be back in action in about 4 days or so. 

More updates soon!

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