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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Coffee + Tea + Cake?

So Guan Yu and I met up with Qabir in Orchard for a little drink somewhere. Little did he know we were actually planning to make that his birthday treat. Hahahaha.

We were at P.S. Cafe:

Tea, anyone?

We also had the Chocolate Fudge Brownie, shared between the 3 of us:

The Epitome of SIN
The cake had MARSHMALLOWS in it! *drools*

Yes, anyone who knows me at all will know that I'm a sucka for marshmallows. Especially if it's covered in chocolate. Yummm~

Then yesterday, Guan Yu and I headed to Starbucks after lunch cause we were both in dire need of strong caffeine - both of us hadn't slept well the previous night.

The view of U-Town from inside Starbucks:

They never stop building stuff, this country. LOL

The "biggest" Starbucks in Singapore, apparently:

And I took a picture of my Jap lecture hall when I was half dying in it:
Other people (also) desperately trying to stay awake
The parents + Andrew and Wee Qin are on their way here, should be reaching at about 11-ish or so.


Pending posts: thoughts about music.

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