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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Audition Stress

I hate it.

No matter how well prepared I am or how many bananas I eat, I'm still a nervous wreck when it comes to playing solo in front of an audience.

Attention seeker, I am not. In fact, I detest being under the spotlight immensely. I cannot possibly explain how much it torments me both mentally and physically.

My fingers freeze up, my heart starts beating faster, I break out in cold sweat, my stomach churns, my eyes lose focus, my head starts spinning... 

No, I am NOT exaggerating. 

This is how bad it is: I'm ALREADY breaking out in cold sweat, and my audition is not for another TWO hours!

Now WHAT, am I going to be like before I enter the audition venue, I dare not imagine. But since I've played through the repertoire a few times today, it doesn't look like I will completely screw it up. However, I'm hoping that my fingers will go on autopilot if all else fails.

Wish me luck, cause I'll need it.


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