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Thursday, 22 September 2011

All Grown Up

Pepper the Shih-Tzu + Cocker Spaniel.

The above picture was taken when she was a new addition to the Ng-household. She was SO tiny you could lift her with one hand!

And a few months later...

Big girl

She's as hyper as always, and it was great seeing her again after a month or so. She's getting so much heavier now it actually requires a substantial amount of strength to lift her.

I reckon her teeth are still growing so she's still biting whatever she can find lying around, but at least she's not chewing at our fingers like she used to. Still jumps at your face when you're carrying her though... Hahaha.

Came back to Singapore yesterday, after spending 4 awesome days in KL. Visited the grandma everyday to help lighten my aunt and mom's workload and give her some moral support.

It's hard, seeing her suffer like that. She talks about giving up all the time, and whatever coaxing we do only lasts a short while, then she's back to giving up again. It's hard to keep the faith when she's hurting like that...

What we can do, is hope for the best.

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