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Sunday, 14 August 2011

UTown + Fruit Paradise @VivoCity

Guan Yu and I were at UTown, NUS (supposedly) meeting Jeremy for dinner, but after waiting for him to unsuccessfully park his car, we decided to eat elsewhere (car park wasn't ready yet, like wtf?).

Anyways, Guan Yu and I were bored so...

People playing frisbee *pout*
 Jeremy dropped us off at Vivo after dinner and we + DZ were at Vivo for Fruit Paradise!

DZ's Black Forest:

My Strawberry + Mango:
Pretty no?
 Didn't take Guan Yu's cause hers looks pretty much like mine. O_O

Peach Nectar Tea:


As you can probably tell, the pics are edited, using an awesome App I just downloaded called "Instagram" (recommended by Guan Yu cause I was telling her how I can't be bothered to manually PS (photoshop) every single picture.

I didn't manage to go book-hunting yesterday cause I decided to practice since my teacher called on Friday to tell me there's major on Sunday. -_-"

But I'm going later (IF) major goes well. =D

Updates later!

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