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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Retail Therapy

It was a public holiday today (Hari Raya), so Guan Yu and I headed out for lunch after she finished studio class.

We ate at Cafe Cartel, Plaza Singapura:
The menu
 Special offers:

Table 5

My drink
They had free postcards!
The rack of free postcards
The ones I took
 Free flow bread!

 Cute kid on the table next to ours:

Guan Yu
 My insanely huge lunch:
BBQ Chicken Panini on Ciabatta
Close up:
Juicy Stuff
After lunch, Guan Yu and I headed shoe-shopping in Charles & Keith and Mimosa. I bought a pair of awesome heels and Guan Yu got gold sandals. We both bought flats from Mimosa (pictures later in the post!). Benji joined us in Daiso, amongst the HUGE crowd. It didn't help that the corridors are very very VERY small. -_-"

We were at Yamaha after that, cause Benji wanted to get some books:

The place is HUGE 

Book Selection
Ok, pictures of my shopping haul, as promised...

Bought 3 new nail colors from TheFaceShop for a nail design I saw, liked and thinking of trying soon:
From left: Glitter, Dark Blue, Sky Blue
 Flats from Mimosa:
Pretty, no?
 Heels from Charles & Keith:
Super comfortable!
 Necessities from Daiso:
Hanger for small washing, Cotton pads, Sticky notes,
Q-tips and Brush (for cleaning my air-cond filters)
That's all for today!

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