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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Nails Galore

Fingers felt itchy while watching Transformers II the other night, and so I ended up doing my nails:

Red + Blue

Used nail color from SkinFood!

It's not great, but I didn't have much to work with. I'm still early into my nail-color-collecting-phase so only these 2 colors worked well with one another. -_-" Plus, I had to do the stripes with the original brushes attached to the caps. Wanted to get finer brushes to do some details but I'll leave that for later experiments.

Don't worry, I don't plan to keep them like that (they look like clown nails -_-") for long. I usually remove the varnish after 2/3 days cause it'll start chipping off when I practice. O_O

Going off to Singapore tomorrow!

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