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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Male Chauvanistic Pigs

I hate them.

A friend of mine once said that he found girls who come from all-girl schools more feminist in comparison to girls from co-Ed schools.

There's a ring of truth in that, because after some conversations I had with several different people about the same category of men (MCPs) I got very annoyed even though said men had nothing to do with me.

Some of the issues that came up were so ridiculous I couldn't resist blogging about them.

#1 Women are not maids with benefits.

Simple cooking and cleaning, sure - if she doesn't mind doing it. But wash your clothes, scrub your shoes, draw your bath and rinse your feet after you get home from work? What's next, pop grapes into your mouth while you lounge on the couch watching TV? You might as well go buy an iRobot to do all that for you, and one of those Japanese s** dolls to play with. Dude, she ain't even your WIFE yet!

#2 Pick on someone your own size

Definition of an "Upstart" -

A person of humble origin who attains sudden wealth, power, or importance, especially one made immodest or presumptuous by the change; a parvenu.
Sounds familiar? Yeah, that'd be you - a wannabe upstart. Every girl is brought up a different way, and each are used to different things. A video of a stand-up comedian (Chris Rock) I once watched said: "Women can NOT go backwards in lifestyle!" So good luck if you insist on chasing girls of higher social levels than you. *smirk*

#3 Thou shall not force thyself on her

I can't remember how many friggin times I've blogged about this but some idiots simply don't get it. If you have the audacity to say, "if you love me, you'll do ..................... for me", you should go to the Sahara desert, dig a hole and bury yourself. Here's a thought: if You love Her, you wouldn't threaten her like that.

#4 Girlfriend // Banker

If there's one thing I can't stand more than girls who get their boyfriends to buy expensive gifts for them, it's boyfriends spending their girlfriend's money. You money-grabbing old goat, what kind of back-boneless species are you??? If it's an emergency, okay fine - as long as you pay her back. But take her for dinners and do the whole oops-I-forgot-my-wallet thing is just despicable.

It's often best - if you're still at the dating stage - to go dutch (you pay for yours, I pay for mine). I hardly ever let my boyfriend pay for anything, it's usually you pay dinner, I pay movie + popcorn that kinda thing.

#5 You reap what you sow

Sooner or later she's gonna realize that you're not worth all her love and attention. Ever heard the phrase "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"? Keep it up and she'll eventually leave you to find someone who deserves her.

*DEEP breath*

Ok, rant over.

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Wani said...

haha. i can't stop laughing as i'm reading this. nicely said. i really agree with you.

Clarissa said...

hahahaha. Thanks Wani!