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Friday, 5 August 2011

Good Ol' Singapore

It's been a good couple of days back.

The parents and aunt came down with me to Singapore and we stayed the night at Hotel Michael, Resorts World Sentosa:

Guan Yu was totally amazed by their efficient use of space:
Slide-out Table and Chairs
The room
Vanity Mirror
I also saw this girl walking past and recognized the dress:

No, I don't have that dress, but I remember seeing it in Cheeserland's blogpost on Hong Kong/Otaru. LOL!

Mom and I:
I was still half asleep
My dad was snoring like an avalanche in the room, that's why I was cranky in the morning. I told my parents, if I'm gonna have to share a hotel room with my dad in it next time, I'm sleeping in PGP. -_-"

Went shopping in Takashimaya and (for the first time) bought something from ZARA. It was only $29.90~! I can never get anything of that price range in KL cause the stuff they throw out for sale is usually like... yuck.

Had breakfast in the Casino yesterday morning before checking out.

And then I checked into PGP. *cries*

Will be attending a friend's recital later this evening. Going to meet up with Guan Yu for dinner at Clarke Quay before making our way there...


Spent about 2 hours cleaning and arranging the stuff in my room last night. Mopped the dusty floor 3 times and wiped all the flat surfaces (minus the ceiling). It looks pretty neat now, the challenge is to keep it that way for the next 3-4 months. XD

Removed the horrible-looking nail varnish this morning before heading to YST - they were chipping off already anyways. Watched the Freshmen Sinfonia's dress rehearsal and concert, then grabbed my violin to practice in PGP since I have to leave for major lesson tomorrow morning from PGP anyways. I'm still debating on whether I should cab/bus, but I reckon I'll either cab there + bus back or bus there + cab back cause I don't wanna waste time rotting in the bus (50mins).

I think I'll cab there then bus back. Makes more sense that way.

Oh wells I'm gonna get ready for the concert now so... more updates soon!

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