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Monday, 1 August 2011

Germany 2011

Picture-dominated post.

Don't say I didn't warn ya. =)

About 15 before I left for the airport, my sis did a french braid for me:
Pretty good huh?
 Andrew and I just loitered around the airport and bought some cookies from Harrods to give to our professor while waiting to board the flight.

Sitting on a plane for 7 hours straight is... 

not fun.

Well, I've got a back issue where I can't sit with my back curved (you know how air plane seats are O_O) so it was excruciatingly uncomfortable for me. At least the in-flight entertainment was good - we were on board Emirates, which boasts the best in-fight entertainment system anywhere.

So 7 hours, 2 meals, 2 movies and 2 toilet trips later, we reached Dubai International Airport:
Fancy stuff
4 hours after waiting outside our transfer gate, we got on yet another flight (5 hours, this time) to Düsseldorf, Germany.

Düsseldorf International Airport:

Our luggage
Waiting Area
Our Limo
 We fully intended to take the train instead (much cheaper), but we were all too tired and didn't wanna have to spend more time figuring out where the train station was and lugging all our things with us O_O.

Dylan dropped Andrew and I at our hotel first before heading to his hostel. We quickly checked in and settled into our room:
The comfiest beds EVER 
Cool ironing thingy
The instructions
 Andrew and I spent at least 2 minutes staring at the ironing thing. Hahaha. Never seen such a lazy way of ironing clothes before lol.

View outside our room.
Shirt: CKjeans, Jeans: Levi's
After unpacking some of our stuff, Andrew and I had a LONG walk around the area before dinner.

We grabbed dinner, went online for a bit, then slept.

My memory's a little fuzzy cause I didn't keep track of every single thing we did every single day, but I DO remember seeing this beau waiting for the Schwebebahn with us:
Huge German Shepherd
 My sis would have been drooling. Haha.

Andrew and I took the Schwebebahn (Suspended Monorail) everyday to get to the conservatoire.
Conservatory's Hallway
Practice Room
 We attended Euro Music Festival's Opening Concert at a church:

In which Maria Kliegel performed.
Left: Maria Kliegel, Right: Jacob Lauschner
Concert was awesome. We were all in awe after it ended, and couldn't stop discussing it on the way back to our respective accommodations. 

One of the (very few) camwhoring shots I took:
Dress: Jøop, Singapore
Hurt my finger during one of my lessons
Another professors' concert, this time at the conservatory's recital hall:

Left: Franco Mezzena, Right: Konstanze Eickhorst
The trusty Schwebebahn, which we take everyday:

There was one trip we took on the train that Andrew and I experienced our first blatant racist encounter. These 2 German A-holes were mocking us behind our back, staring while imitating kungfu moves/noises and laughing like crazy. Super offensive.

One of our dinners:


I'M KIDDING! Andrew's still underage, so we were drinking this:

 They only had beer glasses in the room, so... XD

A few days later, we attended yet another concert at the church, this time with Professor Ani playing as well.
The pros taking their bows after the Brahms Trio
Andrew and I had dinner at the hotel restaurant one night:

The Interior
OMG delicious bread!
Weird-tasting water
Mine: Club Sandwich
Andrew's: Something Wiener O_O
Conservatory's Computer room:
Left: Andrew, Right: Dylan
We had dinner at a random diner one night (Dylan's recommendation).
Dylan's Burger
Andrew's Sinfully Cheesy Pasta
My Spaghetti Bolognese
Machine that produces Lattés you get severely addicted to:
Coffee Maker at Conservatory's Cafeteria

Last dinner in Germany:

 Breakfast before leaving for the airport:

In the train en route to the airport:

Adorable Labrador standing right next to me in the train!
Double-decker train
And finally, after 16 hours of flying + walking + talking + sleeping + eating...

We - were - home.

The experience was great, overall. A few racist remarks aside, I really enjoyed myself - though I was thankful to be eating local food again. XD

More updates soon!

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