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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cultural Odyssey @ Esplanade Recital Studio

On Saturday, I headed down to Esplanade (again), this time to watch + page turn for Alan's - in his words - first public recital. It was organized by Kris Foundation, held in Esplanade Recital Studio.

Pictures are taken by me unless otherwise stated.

On my way there:

The dressing room: 

Some "Longan" drink that Alan gave me a cup of:
Cute right?
 Camwhore moment when Alan was in the washroom:

The program booklet:

A Cultural Odyssey:

I didn't know they gave credit to the page turner as well!
Cheh~ *flattered*
 Taken by Alan's dad/official event photographer:

From left: Alan, Shu Xiang, Kwan Rui, David, Me
Alan and Miyuki taking their final bows
It was a good concert. Funny moment when Shu Xiang was like: Yeah David, Clarissa plays the double bass right?

Ok see... before the OMM concert, Shu Xiang, David, Hui Li and I were in the dressing room and David was like: you play the double bass right?
Me: ...
David: Eh no, that's a violin behind you. Err... *looks around, puzzled*
Me: Yes, I play the violin...
David: *turns to Hui Li* But she looks like James' girlfriend!
Hui Li: She IS James' girlfriend!
*whole room erupts with laughter*

Next up, shopping spree post!


Lina An said...

Why do you crouch down when taking pictures with the guys?

Clarissa said...

I have NO bloody idea. EVERYTIME I look at a picture of myself standing up, I always think: Dammit I HAVE to stop crouching when I take pictures!

But I still do it, everytime. *yanks hair*