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Friday, 19 August 2011


Rant - I realize that it doesn't pay to compare yourself with other people you only make yourself feel miserable striving to improve should only be for your benefit not anyone else's - end of rant.

Was a very happy day yesterday cause I had a good lesson, and good practice - luckily my finger didn't end up bleeding like the day before:

Third finger from Left
Bought cereal + milk so I had that for supper last night. Dunno why I'm always feeling hungry these days. I smell the monthly nightmare coming.

Oh well...

The parents, aunt and Wee Qin are coming down in September! Gonna catch Lion King @ Marina Bay Sands and Leonidas Kavakos in Masterclass + concert! 

How much better can life get???

Dinner with Guan Yu at Clementi later, then I'm headed off to the other side of Singapore for a rehearsal with OMM. Come watch! Concert's on the 26th of this month:

For more details, visit: HERE!


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