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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Chewy Goodness!

Guan Yu and I had dinner at Clementi yesterday evening before the former head home and I went off to OMM rehearsal. During dinner, I was telling her about this awesome cream puff place that James and I had previously tried and loved, so we paid a visit after our meal (at Ajisen Ramen).

Tip: yes, their name is Ajisen "Ramen", but I'd recommend you try their hot stone rice/bento sets as opposed to their ramen because Guan Yu didn't like the latter much.

Anyways, the star of the evening:


I had oreo craving so I got the Chocolate Oreo:
 Absolutely drool-worthy stuff:
Chocolate Madness
For dainty/meticulous eaters (like me), use cutlery to eat this because it's a guaranteed mess if you just bite into it. But if you're okay with that then, enjoy licking the cream off your fingers!

Visit their website: HERE!

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