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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Taking Japanese 1 this semester.

Half-regretting it after attending the first lecture this evening. -_-"

I'll spare you the minute details, but the professor's idea of romanizing Japanese words are confusing. Like sometimes, at the end of a word/phrase, you have おう, which is "o" and "u" respectively, but he writes it as "oo" in English letters. So when I'm reading きょうし, it's "kyoushi" but he writes it as "kyooshi". 

And at one point of the "orientation" - he was just reading from the powerpoint presentation, and I'd read it already - I took my eyes away from the screen to reply an SMS when I thought I heard him utter a random sentence in Japanese. Startled, I looked up only to realize his English pronunciation just sounds like Japanese. LOL! When he says I-V-L-E, it sounds like "eye-vee-aery".

*yanks hair*

Oh well, I survived, regardless. 

I'm in the midst of reading Wuthering Heights now and I must say, it's a very trying book. I'll do a book review of it when I'm done (shocking that I haven't finished it yet) so yeah...

I've got to practice in the morning (tomorrow) before lunching with Guan Yu, attend conducting class and rush off to teach so...

(Good night!)

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