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Thursday, 11 August 2011


3 posts in a day. I must be crazy.

Just finished my 2nd practice session of the day and realized that I haven't talked about my new blog skin.

Yea I changed it. The previous one was too... bleh. I dunno why, I'm not good with this kinda thing. I even changed the font multiple times cause I couldn't find one that was quirky yet not frigginimpossibletoread messy.

Header still needs some work.

*         *         *

I've been itching to play the guitar. Weird, I know. Hopefully I can get my dad to restring that 3rd guitar we have at home thatno-onetouches and bring it over next month, cause I've been dying to play an instrument that's not the violin/piano. Guess it's because I had been playing it - the guitar - quite a lot back home during the summer break.

I blame my sis.


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