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Monday, 4 July 2011

Wynne's 21st!

I'm a terrible blogger, I know.

Wynne's party was BEFORE our Redang trip but I was just plain lazy to compile pictures and stuff so yea... But I finally did it! Pictures are a mix of some taken by me + stolen from Wynne. XD

Anyways... after we ditched the whole costume thing (which I had blogged about previously: HERE),
James and I headed to Novena Square on the afternoon of the party to meet up with Guan Yu before Ray fetched us (in a cab) and made our way to Changi Village.

We sort of got lost cause the cabbie didn't know where he was going. -_-" Had to check out the location via GPS on our iPhones to avoid riding up the cab fare Zzzzz

Regardless, we eventually reached Chalet H and parked ourselves in one of the rooms upstairs.

Guan Yu and I, and James' hand + Jolly Shandy
 We were a little bored initially, so Ray and James took to camwhoring with my iPhone. -_-"
Ray and James
 Disclaimer: the following pics were mostly taken by Wynne's sister.

Jon and his guitar
 Jon taught me a pretty cool chord progression that I was bent on learning, hence Guan Yu and I sitting outside while I fumbled with Jon's guitar.

Guan Yu and I
 Picture time!

Us laughing
From left: Guan Yu, James, Me, Wynne, Ray, Jon
 As I mentioned earlier, Jon had his guitar with him, so all the YST guests were camped outside most of the time singing random pop songs ranging from The Beatles to Jason Mraz.

Us jamming outside
 And of course, a party is not a party without food!

Helping ourselves to the plates
Guan Yu and I

The rest of the night was spent ogling at the TV, waiting for the (SG) election results to come out. James, Ray and I left close to midnight - we didn't stay over with the others cause James and I were going back to KL the next morning.

Phew... that's one more blog post out of my conscience. Next post will be on the Electone Festival and dinner at "Victoria Station"!

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