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Saturday, 16 July 2011

I am First and Foremost, a Malaysian

I've never been much of a political person. In fact - like most people in the world - I'm 95% politically... inept? (I dunno if it's the right word to use, but you get what I mean)

Yes, I'm going to rant about the Bersih rally.

Yeah - it could have been handled better, yeah - it caused a lot of trouble, yeah - people had to lose a day of business, yeah - injuries were inflicted and a life was lost, yeah - most of us were on house arrest that day...

As much negativity the rally has caused, I do believe that it was necessary.

Bersih's rally for an improved "fair and free" electoral system is exactly what this country needs if we're ever going to move forward. How is it that Malaysia - a country with an abundance of resources - can be doing so much worse than Singapore? How is it that our currency is always falling? How is it that the education system is only getting worse every time it's revised? How is it that our ministers can afford to send their children to study overseas and pay for luxurious holidays on their monthly salary?

Hypocrites. We are run by hypocrites.

"Drive local cars to support local automobile industry!!"
Then what are you doing in a Bentley/BMW?

"Educate your children locally."
Your own daughter is studying in England.

"We will give Bersih an opportunity to voice their concerns."
Yeah, with tear gas and chemically-laced water as the only obstacles.

The way I look at it, the government had 2 choices.

1 - Let Bersih have their rally at a chosen location. If their intentions are pure - and if you have nothing to hide - there's no harm in listening. After all, we all strive to improve, no?

2 - (which was the eventual decision) Make a big fuss, spread rumors, arrest anyone who dresses in yellow, deny the fact that the police used violence against Malaysian citizens, pretend that Bersih only had a handful of supporters, ban certain Bersih supporters from entering KL, have roadblocks that disrupt everyone's lives etc.

Malaysia's a great country to live in. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else - especially since the food here is awesome - but the fact remains that I don't want my children (if I have any in future) to be submitted to this country's lousy education system and biased-ness towards my race(s) - I'm 12.5% Indian.

Hopefully our government will heed the wake up call. I mean, you're obviously doing something wrong if leaders of other countries disagree with the way you handled the situation.

AND if a certain Queen of a certain country decides to greet you in YELLOW on your official visit to her country.

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