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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Home Sweet Home

So I'm back from the land of beer + sausages. XD

Loads of photos to edit and upload, gimme a day or two cause I need to organize and start packing for my trip back to Singapore.

I'm actually super jet-lagged right now so this will be a short one. Head's still spinning from the waiting + flying + sitting + walking etc etc. O_O

Went to see my grandma right after dad and sis fetched me from the airport. She hasn't been doing well, and was crying in pain when I called to let her know I was safely back. That sucked big time. She was still crying when we reached her place, and I couldn't stand it at one point and started to tear as well. Aunt said a few prayers for her and she felt better after that...


Why the hell do these things happen to people who don't deserve it? My grandma spent her life dedicated to raising her daughters and half-raised me as well. She learnt English by studying the dictionary, sent her daughters to music lessons and set them on their career path, she housed me in her home during my secondary school days... 

My grandma should be aging gracefully and painless-ly, but instead she has to deal with stabbing pains on a daily basis and it has taken a toll on my entire family, especially my aunt - who looks after her 24/7.

I'm going to visit her everyday until I have to go back to Singapore, because I'll feel like sh*t if I don't. Gonna drive up with my sis tomorrow morning...

We're all praying for a miracle here.

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