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Friday, 15 July 2011

Harry Potter 7 Part II Première

All thanks to Dao Zhong, I got tickets to watch the première screening of the last Harry Potter movie!!!

I've never been to a première movie screening before so I was embarrassingly pretty excited. 

Stupidly left my trusty iPhone at home so I couldn't take pictures. =( But the place was crazily crowded! There were even people in costumes - when my sis and I saw someone dressed as Bellatrix Lestrange, we both felt this inexplainable surge of hatred. LOL!

Imagine you're standing in the crowd, trying to avoid bumping into people (or rather, people bumping into you) and suddenly you see this:
Courtesy of Google Images
Totally punch-worthy. -_-"

Anyways, here's proof of my attendance (in case you lot think I anyhow say I got tickets):
Fancy ticket!

Hall 5, Seat H14

Harry Potter himself

Me with the ticket

The movie was good, I particularly liked the fact that it was more light-hearted in comparison to the first part. My advice is: watch without expecting anything, and you won't be disappointed.

Although I've read the book a gazillion times, I still cried when Fred, Tonks, Lupin and Snape died. My sis was even sobbing next to me! T_T 

Oh well, I'm gonna wait till they come up with those 7-in-1 box sets and Imma buy the whole darn thing. XD I reckon this last movie is the best outta the lot, honestly.

On a random note, Germany in 2 days!!! *jumps around in glee* Off to pack!

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