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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Home Sweet Home

So I'm back from the land of beer + sausages. XD

Loads of photos to edit and upload, gimme a day or two cause I need to organize and start packing for my trip back to Singapore.

I'm actually super jet-lagged right now so this will be a short one. Head's still spinning from the waiting + flying + sitting + walking etc etc. O_O

Went to see my grandma right after dad and sis fetched me from the airport. She hasn't been doing well, and was crying in pain when I called to let her know I was safely back. That sucked big time. She was still crying when we reached her place, and I couldn't stand it at one point and started to tear as well. Aunt said a few prayers for her and she felt better after that...


Why the hell do these things happen to people who don't deserve it? My grandma spent her life dedicated to raising her daughters and half-raised me as well. She learnt English by studying the dictionary, sent her daughters to music lessons and set them on their career path, she housed me in her home during my secondary school days... 

My grandma should be aging gracefully and painless-ly, but instead she has to deal with stabbing pains on a daily basis and it has taken a toll on my entire family, especially my aunt - who looks after her 24/7.

I'm going to visit her everyday until I have to go back to Singapore, because I'll feel like sh*t if I don't. Gonna drive up with my sis tomorrow morning...

We're all praying for a miracle here.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Greetings From Deutschland

No, I'm not here on holiday - Euro Music Festival.

It's held every year in different parts of Germany, but this year, they had it in...

Wuppertal, Düsseldorf:
Extracted from Google Images
Beautiful, no?

That's actually exactly the view outside my hotel room. No kidding.

So far, I've had 3 awesome lessons with Professor Ani Schnarch at a local conservatoire and my last one is tomorrow morning!

Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Köln (Standort Wuppertal)
School of Music and Dance, Cologne (Wuppertal Campus)
Extracted from Google Images
Will post pictures of better quality once I'm back home and done editing all of them (I've taken loads).


Saturday, 16 July 2011

I am First and Foremost, a Malaysian

I've never been much of a political person. In fact - like most people in the world - I'm 95% politically... inept? (I dunno if it's the right word to use, but you get what I mean)

Yes, I'm going to rant about the Bersih rally.

Yeah - it could have been handled better, yeah - it caused a lot of trouble, yeah - people had to lose a day of business, yeah - injuries were inflicted and a life was lost, yeah - most of us were on house arrest that day...

As much negativity the rally has caused, I do believe that it was necessary.

Bersih's rally for an improved "fair and free" electoral system is exactly what this country needs if we're ever going to move forward. How is it that Malaysia - a country with an abundance of resources - can be doing so much worse than Singapore? How is it that our currency is always falling? How is it that the education system is only getting worse every time it's revised? How is it that our ministers can afford to send their children to study overseas and pay for luxurious holidays on their monthly salary?

Hypocrites. We are run by hypocrites.

"Drive local cars to support local automobile industry!!"
Then what are you doing in a Bentley/BMW?

"Educate your children locally."
Your own daughter is studying in England.

"We will give Bersih an opportunity to voice their concerns."
Yeah, with tear gas and chemically-laced water as the only obstacles.

The way I look at it, the government had 2 choices.

1 - Let Bersih have their rally at a chosen location. If their intentions are pure - and if you have nothing to hide - there's no harm in listening. After all, we all strive to improve, no?

2 - (which was the eventual decision) Make a big fuss, spread rumors, arrest anyone who dresses in yellow, deny the fact that the police used violence against Malaysian citizens, pretend that Bersih only had a handful of supporters, ban certain Bersih supporters from entering KL, have roadblocks that disrupt everyone's lives etc.

Malaysia's a great country to live in. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else - especially since the food here is awesome - but the fact remains that I don't want my children (if I have any in future) to be submitted to this country's lousy education system and biased-ness towards my race(s) - I'm 12.5% Indian.

Hopefully our government will heed the wake up call. I mean, you're obviously doing something wrong if leaders of other countries disagree with the way you handled the situation.

AND if a certain Queen of a certain country decides to greet you in YELLOW on your official visit to her country.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Harry Potter 7 Part II Première

All thanks to Dao Zhong, I got tickets to watch the première screening of the last Harry Potter movie!!!

I've never been to a première movie screening before so I was embarrassingly pretty excited. 

Stupidly left my trusty iPhone at home so I couldn't take pictures. =( But the place was crazily crowded! There were even people in costumes - when my sis and I saw someone dressed as Bellatrix Lestrange, we both felt this inexplainable surge of hatred. LOL!

Imagine you're standing in the crowd, trying to avoid bumping into people (or rather, people bumping into you) and suddenly you see this:
Courtesy of Google Images
Totally punch-worthy. -_-"

Anyways, here's proof of my attendance (in case you lot think I anyhow say I got tickets):
Fancy ticket!

Hall 5, Seat H14

Harry Potter himself

Me with the ticket

The movie was good, I particularly liked the fact that it was more light-hearted in comparison to the first part. My advice is: watch without expecting anything, and you won't be disappointed.

Although I've read the book a gazillion times, I still cried when Fred, Tonks, Lupin and Snape died. My sis was even sobbing next to me! T_T 

Oh well, I'm gonna wait till they come up with those 7-in-1 box sets and Imma buy the whole darn thing. XD I reckon this last movie is the best outta the lot, honestly.

On a random note, Germany in 2 days!!! *jumps around in glee* Off to pack!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Song For Mom- Video

Here's the video as promised:

Song For Mom

The above link leads to a little something my sis put together with a little bit of help from *a-hem* yours truly *a-hem*.

We made a video version, which still (unfortunately) needs fine-tuning, but it should be up on YouTube in a couple of days.

In case you think we sound alike, I'm the one doing the harmonization and the random "aahs" during the verses. My sis does most of the singing. It must have taken us more than 50 takes, but I finally felt satisfied with this one so...

Sorry if we suck.


Easy on the criticism yea?

I'll put the lyrics up here (again, just in case) some of you lot find that we don't enunciate enough... -_-"

Song For Mom

I love you
Don't make me say those words then doubt myself
When all that you are doing helps my health
You're saving me from the darkness we call hell

I treasure you
Just like every other normal child
Cause like every other mother you gave me life
And guided me through it with your light

But when you hit me at my weakest spots
Don't you ever stop to consider my thoughts?
Now I'm trying to calm my soul
I'm trying to see this as a whole

That you love me
And you don't wanna let me go

I love you
Don't make me say those words then take them back
Cause everything that you are saying makes me sad
And in the end we'll drive each other mad

That night I rolled my eyes during dinner
When you scolded me
For being that little spoilt brat you just couldn't stand to see
I hope you'll still accept this apology

But when you hit me at my weakest spots
Don't you ever stop to consider my thoughts?
Now I'm trying to calm my soul
I'm trying to see this as a whole

That you love me
And you don't wanna let me go

I've tried to see this from your point of view
And now I know you're telling me the truth

But when you walked out on me when we fought...

But when you hit me at my weakest spots
Don't you ever stop to consider my thoughts
Now I'm trying to calm my soul
I'm trying to see this as a whole

That you love me
And you don't wanna let me go
I just wanna let you know
I'll never leave you alone

Lyrics by: Louisa Ng

If you wish to re-post, credits to JOCOSA.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Wynne's 21st!

I'm a terrible blogger, I know.

Wynne's party was BEFORE our Redang trip but I was just plain lazy to compile pictures and stuff so yea... But I finally did it! Pictures are a mix of some taken by me + stolen from Wynne. XD

Anyways... after we ditched the whole costume thing (which I had blogged about previously: HERE),
James and I headed to Novena Square on the afternoon of the party to meet up with Guan Yu before Ray fetched us (in a cab) and made our way to Changi Village.

We sort of got lost cause the cabbie didn't know where he was going. -_-" Had to check out the location via GPS on our iPhones to avoid riding up the cab fare Zzzzz

Regardless, we eventually reached Chalet H and parked ourselves in one of the rooms upstairs.

Guan Yu and I, and James' hand + Jolly Shandy
 We were a little bored initially, so Ray and James took to camwhoring with my iPhone. -_-"
Ray and James
 Disclaimer: the following pics were mostly taken by Wynne's sister.

Jon and his guitar
 Jon taught me a pretty cool chord progression that I was bent on learning, hence Guan Yu and I sitting outside while I fumbled with Jon's guitar.

Guan Yu and I
 Picture time!

Us laughing
From left: Guan Yu, James, Me, Wynne, Ray, Jon
 As I mentioned earlier, Jon had his guitar with him, so all the YST guests were camped outside most of the time singing random pop songs ranging from The Beatles to Jason Mraz.

Us jamming outside
 And of course, a party is not a party without food!

Helping ourselves to the plates
Guan Yu and I

The rest of the night was spent ogling at the TV, waiting for the (SG) election results to come out. James, Ray and I left close to midnight - we didn't stay over with the others cause James and I were going back to KL the next morning.

Phew... that's one more blog post out of my conscience. Next post will be on the Electone Festival and dinner at "Victoria Station"!