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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Whatever It Takes

I will practice having the patience of a saint.



For those who think I've gone bonkers... BINGO!

So I actually practiced a lot yesterday *throws pom poms* and realized how screwed up my stamina is now that I don't have MPYO or YST orchestra rehearsals to keep me playing for long hours. I mean, playing in the orchestra is different from practicing individual stuff, but my left pinky started aching within 45 minutes (instead of 1++ hours) of my practice session.

Not good.

Bah... I'm just gonna keep slogging. Don't wanna give a bad impression on my first visit to a music festival. Later they kick me out or something... *shameface 

And I have a sudden urge to share something I watched the other day that fried half of my brain cells (or whatever is left of it).

*          *          *


You can watch the other parts on YouTube. Just search for "Dawn Yang RazorTV".

Plastic surgery denials aside, I cannot believe how ditzy she is. And in my honest opinion, I think her accent is fake. Blergh. I had shivers up my spine (not the good kind) when I watched this.

With these kind of people around, it's no wonder teenagers these days are getting more and more screwed up.

And I leave you with her BLOG link.

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