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Friday, 10 June 2011

Reality Check

Wanted to get some things off my mind before heading to bed. Feel like World War III is happening in my head right now... bleh.

There are currently 2 things that are scaring the shit outta me.

I'm afraid of not having the strength to get through the next couple of months...

I'm afraid I'll give up/back out/lose hope...

Personally, I hate dealing with emotional issues. It sucks. Humans are too damn complicated for our own good and it only gets worse as we grow older.



Had a very long talk with the parents after camp ended. Cleared up a few things with them and told them how I felt about how a few people were acting, and how disappointed I was when it happened.

I tend to say the wrong things at the wrong time, I've admitted that a thousand times. But what I don't get is how people can claim to be your friends and ill-wish you at the same time. Actions speak louder than words. I have said things that I'm not proud of that wish I could take back, but at least I can say that I've never been unsupportive of anyone I call my friend.

Truth be told, it hurt.

Like it did when I found out how others were belittling me behind my back.

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