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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Cooking Chronicles

I bunked in Darby Park for a few days during MPYO camp, and one night, the guys decided to make our own supper as opposed to going out to eat.

Boon Ping in the kitchen, washing up:

The spread:

James' fruit punch:

Me making the wrap for James:

Boon Ping and Andrew:

Boon Ping wrapping the last one for Eben, who turned up later:

James enjoying his drink:

Didn't know it would taste quite so good. We should do that again some time! 

And a couple o' days ago, the sis and I cooked up our own organic spaghetti, the sauce from scratch! (The spaghetti was bought though)

Sis stir-frying the chicken:

Our work station:

The chicken:

The sauce:


My sis did not put enough oil so this happened:
Fried/Burnt Spaghetti

The end product:

More picture posts coming up soon. Need to edit and organize them first.  

Going out for almost the entire day tomorrow. Blergh... I'm going to be stone dead at the end of the day.


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