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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Redang Trip 2011

This is going to be a long-ass post. 

You have been warned. ;)

So yes, I've finally decided to blog about our epic Redang trip, and here are the pictures to unashamedly promote the gorgeous island!

Pictures credited to Wynne Fung and Lam Guan Yu unless stated. Thank you!

James in the plane with our Booze!
When the above picture was taken, I had already been in Redang for 2 hours ++. -_-" That's because the 4 of them left from Singapore and the best flight I could get from KL was 2 hours earlier than their flight. Fml.


Guanyinma's Royal Entrance
We even had our own privately chartered "sampan" from the jetty to the island:
Blonde Ray and James
Beautiful, ain't it?
Part of the resort (Redang Beach) we were staying at:
The Sand ZOMG
Enjoying a refreshing drink by the beach after our first snorkeling session:
James, Me, Blondie
We pretty much lazed around every afternoon, sun bathing, frisbee-ing, etc.

James and I
Whilst Guan Yu needed to check out political happenings via internet at the resort's internet cafe, the rest of us had a nice walk down the beach...
Wynne's Artsy Shot
Jack Bimbo and Captain Tentacles =P
Guan Yu, Wynne and I bought beach wear (sarong?) from the souvenir shop opposite the internet cafe. For once, I bought something bright-colored!
Guan Yu, Me, Wynne
And this is Ray trying to be funny with Wynne's camera:
Our nightly companion whilst playing cards and chit-chatting at night:
Absolute Pear-ey goodness
I almost got burnt falling asleep on the hammocks. -_-" Felt a stinging sensation on my arms and woke up to find my skin all red from the heat. Jumped up and quickly ran to a shadier spot to nap LOL!
Absolute Bliss, taken from Wynne's point of view
Ray and James "having fun" by the beach as the girls napped:

Chillin' at our favorite spot:
Me, Blondie
After one of our snorkeling trips, we decided to hang around awhile more on the beach and ended up spending the entire afternoon burying Wynne and James under heaps of sand.

 Pot-bellied Mer-James:
Nice tail, eh?
Our "whale", who Ray insisted needed a gender:
Voilá, meet Dick the Whale -_-"
GuanYu, Ray, Wynne (buried under the
body that is not hers), Me.
A French couple who walked by couldn't help but notice what we were doing (many other people did as well) and even came over to help! =D

This is Guanyinma experimenting with an App on her iPhone4:
Me, GuanYu, Wynne
We got lucky on one of our snorkeling trips. Ray and James found a total of RM39 floating around in the sea. Hey, finders keepers. ;) We spent the money on Ramly burger that night! 
Money, money, money!
Got temporary tattoos:
Guan Yu
We were at Laguna Beach Resort's souvenir shop and saw this really cute stuffed turtle with droopy eyes that both Guan Yu and I felt looked a lot like James...

And he proceeded to buy it for me. Lol. I tried to talk him out of it, but he insisted. Apparently it (who is now christened "Jamesey") is supposed to keep me company in his place when he goes off to the States for 6 months. =(
James and Jamesey
Wynne and Ray were getting massages done so they got their tattoos later on:
We also bought a disposable underwater camera for RM50! 

Here are a few of the pictures:
James, Me, Wynne, Blondie

Guan Yu, Wynne and I
Me swimming sideways with the fishies!

Ray, Me, James, Wynne, Guan Yu, and a GIANT THUMB!
 I look like I'm running underwater in this pic:
Guan Yu floating next to me as I attempt to jog.
All too soon, it was time to head back to KL for the next leg of our holiday, which will be blogged about separately.

Heading to our private jet plane:

It was one of the best holidays ever and I hope there will be more to come!

Check out Guan Yu's post HERE.

And check these videos out!

The trailer:



Credited to Wynne's ZOOM recorder. =)


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