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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Half-assed Update

Dyed my hair...

Topaz. XD

Walked into the salon, fully intended to dye my hair a shade of brown-red of some sort, but then "topaz" caught my eye, so I thought: what the heck.

And I like it. The aunt and sis think it makes me look Korean, mom and dad find that it makes my face appear paler than usual, the bro was all for the color so yea... 

Anyways, here's a pic:

Me with Topaz hair. Lol
The lighting is kinda weird so I look like I just dyed the top of my head gold. -_-" Looks better in natural lighting though! *defensive*

Going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4 later tonight. 

Can't wait!

I promise I'll make a more substantial post later today. I've got some blog-worthy thoughts swimming in my mind now but I need time to put them together in a coherent manner. =)

Till then, toodles!

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