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Monday, 4 April 2011

Of World Invasions and... Thai Food!!!

Went out yesterday evening with the mister. =D

Decided that we deserved a break and he wanted to catch this:
"Battle of L.A."
But first, we had to get dinner!

Went to Thai Express:

Happy James
Up Close: Set Dinner with Spring Rolls!

Mine: GLASS NOODLES! *slurp*
We had ice cream as well! Rocher (with bits of Ferrero Rocher in it!) + Cookies and Cream! *drools* I think we both kinda liked the Rocher more though. Hehe.

Bought chocolate cream puffs as well!
YUMMY! From "Beard Papa"
In the cinema
Trying to experiment with my iPhone cam
James' "peace" sign

Someone tried to behead Justin Bieber

Movie was pretty good. Nice story line, cool graphics and stuff. A little too loud and scary for me (the shooting and people dying stuff never goes down well with me O_O), spent half the movie hiding behind James' shoulder. -_-"

Feeling very dizzy now so I'll stop here. 

A general note to everyone: I don't care if you're really WC or not, I will still ban and delete comments posted under that name, thank you.


And if I find that the language used is similar.

Thank you.

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