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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Heart vs Brain

It's a b*tch to choose between them.


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It'll be a really good experience for you, studying with a different teacher for a couple of months and living in a completely different cultural setting. Getting away from our usual YST routine will definitely be refreshing. =)

Just don't drink too much. 


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The "what ifs"

People change when they are away from home, mostly anyways. I know you're stronger than that, but I'm scared...

Ok, scared is an understatement. I'm scared shitless terrified.

Nevertheless, I have faith in you, and I know you'll do well there. Just don't come back with an American accent or I'll whip your butt. -_-"

When you first told me, I had a hunch you would be going regardless. I felt horrible about it at first - you can imagine all the images and scenarios that came flashing into my mind - but then I told myself not to be selfish, and I really DO need to learn to cope better on my own.

I'd miss you... loads. But all the same, I'll be waiting for your return.

Love you.

Promise me you won't let go.

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