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Friday, 1 April 2011

Dear Water Closet

You wanted a response, WC?

I'll give it to you.

As mentioned in my chat box earlier, I can take insults thrown at me, anytime. If it's constructive criticism, better still. But what I can't take, are insults thrown at my friends and family.

Note that I did not reply to ANY of your rubbish after my initial 2 responses, once on my chat box, and another, in the form of my own opinionated blog post.

Here's what you said:

Insulting both James and I

Note the ip address (on the right, below time and date).

And then this:
The most recent
All from the same ip address.

In addition to all the insults thrown at me, you insult the people around me:

I'll address all the statements above. One-by-one.

Do not think, for one moment, that I don't know I'm not as good as just about every other violinist in the world. But yeah, me being lame is totally why I'm in YST on full scholarship. -_-" In case you're living under a rock, it's not possible to PAY your way into YST. So unless you've heard me play, don't assume (just because I look butt ugly to you) that I somehow wormed my way into the school.

My boyfriend treats me well, looks after me, encourages me to practice and makes sure I finish my assignments on time. He has his priorities right (which you obviously don't) and I'm grateful to have someone like him with me. He looks fine to me as he is, and I never set much in store on looks anyway. Looks don't make the man, didn't anyone ever tell you that?

From day 1, you've gone on a spree telling me how much I suck, how ugly I am, and how arrogant you think I sound in my blog posts. I get it. So just leave. It's not like I am going to get plastic surgery done or change the way I blog just because you said that I look ugly/I'm a lousy blogger. Spamming my chat box IS definitely a waste of your time, because you could be off doing something beneficial (like working on your attitude problem).

Ok, you're gonna say that wasting your time is your problem, not mine.


But it IS my problem when you pose as my family members. You definitely touched the wrong nerve there. 

I have a grandmother back home who is currently fighting cancer. She struggles to get by on a day to day basis, because the cancer cells hurt. A large part of my motivation for practicing and graduating from university is so that she will be proud of me. 

My family is very small. In addition to my grandparents, parents and siblings, I have 2 aunts, an uncle (by marriage) and no direct cousins. Being a very close-knit family, they are THE most important thing in my life. Don't you DARE insult me by posting comments on my chat box as if you were members of my family, especially not my mom and grandmother.

Anyone who has read the entire "saga" would know that the mentally challenged person here, is you (WC). All you've proven by typing all that nonsense on my chat box is that you completely lack basic common sense and courtesy.

And to whoever who said: maybe she (Clare) didn't bother getting to know you...

Yeah, I would LOVE to get to know a stranger whose first words to me were "ugly retarded b*tch", and also conveniently declared that my boyfriend is "disgusting". 

I've wasted enough of my time typing all the above, but get this:

Any comments you post hereafter WILL be deleted, and I am hereby banning EVERY SINGLE Ip address you've ever posted from. Thank you for entertaining my friends (quite a number of them found it hilarious) and increasing the number of readers who visit this blog, but enough is enough.

Good riddance,

Clarissa Ng
April, 2011

A huge thank you to all who came to my defense, I really appreciate it. =)


Lina An said...

I still say get rid of that chatbox; unless you can blog that IP address via shoutmix. That Wendy is a sad soul indeed...but hey, isn't Xiaxue's real name Wendy Cheong? You should send it to her and tell her someone's trying to defame her! Then, get hits from Xiaxue's blog and your blog will be famous! Hahaha!

Clarissa said...

Nah... Xiaxue's real name is Wendy Cheng, not Cheong. Hahaha. I blocked all her ip addresses already, no worries. =)