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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Birthday Haul

Okay... As most of you know... I turned 21 *gags* 2 days ago. Didn't do anything particularly special, but below are a few "moments" captured. =D

First up was a buffet lunch at Concorde Hotel with James, Qabir and Guan Yu (who paid for my share) she ish awessssoommmeee!

Anyways... picture time!


Guanyinma and her black pepper crabs

James looking happy with food, as always

Guanyinma washing off the black pepper =P
 Qabir and I were busy teasing her about the amount of crab she ate that lunch. Well, actually not that much la thecrabwasmainlyshellratherthanflesh.



Outfit that day
Tank top: Marks and Spencer
Black Pants: Giordano
Sandals: Hush Puppies
 And then yesterday, we were supposed to go hunting for costumes to be worn at Wynne's birthday party, and since Eben and Andrew were in town, we went (in a cab) to Orchard Road!

James who, according to Andrew, looks exactly like
the lion pasted at the back of his seat O_O
We met up with Wynne and Ray at *Scape, and were greatly disappointed, because not only did the place we visited looked disturbingly gay (James was saying: put me in a Batman suit or whatever, just don't make me step into that shop), they didn't have what we were looking for.

The owner of the next shop we visited just wanted us out of there so that he could close and go home early. -_-"

But we had an awesome dinner nonetheless, at:

I know right? Like, what the hell is a HANDburger. Since HAMburger is usually a meat patty, so is HANDburger like... HUMAN HAND MEAT PATTY????

I'm KIDDING. Sheesh.

Mine. Chicken Caeser
Which was yummy, btw.
 Wynne and Eben kept saying that the top bun (see above) looked like a tanned Asian boob. -_-"

James'. Medium-Rare

Wynne and Eben's
(they each had one la I lazy to take so many of the same pic)


Andrew's. With added mushrooms

Ray's. Medium-Welldone
After that, we slunk our way back to PGP and I proceeded to inspecting my birthday gifts!

Ray and Wynne surprised me with this during dinner:


Cute card

It's a home perfume diffuser!
 I've been wanting to get one of these since FOREVER!

Inside the pretty box

 It smelt damn yummy okay... I wanted to drink it. -_-"

The stalk... thingies...

Cute Jar!!!

The awesome set
 I'm super tempted to use it straightaway cause the smell is freakin' nice! But it's a bit of a waste to use it in my room now that the semester is coming to an end. I'll save it for my new room in PGP next academic year!

From Qabir, who unexpectedly turned up with a gift during the buffet lunch:

Pretty Plastic Bag

I know... how can you go wrong with chocolates right? Hahahahahaha!

Anyhoos... I'm super uber happy with everything. 

And I hope my juries will go well. O_O

And that I don't flunk my academic subjects.

And that we don't drown in Redang.

Okay, Economics has obviously addled my brain.

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