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Friday, 29 April 2011

I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

The 3 best things about being a pirate would [probably] be:
Note: I say "probably" because [unfortunately] I'm not one. YET!!! - living in denial. =(

but I digress.

Right! 3 best things!!!

No.1 - The cool hat.

Ok that hat's not cool at all. -_-" I'm thinking of something more like this:
Sexy stuff!

No. 2: And who wouldn't like to have a gun and sword as fashion accessories?

Perverts Beware!

No.3: Not forgetting these:

Before you think I'm crazy, parsley reminds me of the time in the first movie when Jack Sparrow was trying to say "Parlay" (when a dozen guns were pointed at his face) but he said "parsley... parsnip etc" instead... savvy?

Okay maybe I'm the only one who remembers that. O_O

NO. 3 : But who can say no to being a pirate if you have this man on board:

Hotness overload!


In any case, I'm REALLY hoping to catch this when it comes out:
Pirates of the Caribbean 4

I have watched the trailer and I bet it's gonna send shivers up my spine!

Shiver me timbers!

Particularly the mermaid part cause I've always been fascinated by them.

You know the "What is your ambition" essays we compose in primary school? Mine was about how I wanted to become a mermaid and the stuff I could do if I was one. =P

Hey, a girl can dream right?

Gimme those movie tickets PLEASE!!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011


That strong facade I put on even when I'm feeling really down?

It's faltering.

And I hate it.

I hate showing signs of weakness.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Birthday Haul

Okay... As most of you know... I turned 21 *gags* 2 days ago. Didn't do anything particularly special, but below are a few "moments" captured. =D

First up was a buffet lunch at Concorde Hotel with James, Qabir and Guan Yu (who paid for my share) she ish awessssoommmeee!

Anyways... picture time!


Guanyinma and her black pepper crabs

James looking happy with food, as always

Guanyinma washing off the black pepper =P
 Qabir and I were busy teasing her about the amount of crab she ate that lunch. Well, actually not that much la thecrabwasmainlyshellratherthanflesh.



Outfit that day
Tank top: Marks and Spencer
Black Pants: Giordano
Sandals: Hush Puppies
 And then yesterday, we were supposed to go hunting for costumes to be worn at Wynne's birthday party, and since Eben and Andrew were in town, we went (in a cab) to Orchard Road!

James who, according to Andrew, looks exactly like
the lion pasted at the back of his seat O_O
We met up with Wynne and Ray at *Scape, and were greatly disappointed, because not only did the place we visited looked disturbingly gay (James was saying: put me in a Batman suit or whatever, just don't make me step into that shop), they didn't have what we were looking for.

The owner of the next shop we visited just wanted us out of there so that he could close and go home early. -_-"

But we had an awesome dinner nonetheless, at:

I know right? Like, what the hell is a HANDburger. Since HAMburger is usually a meat patty, so is HANDburger like... HUMAN HAND MEAT PATTY????

I'm KIDDING. Sheesh.

Mine. Chicken Caeser
Which was yummy, btw.
 Wynne and Eben kept saying that the top bun (see above) looked like a tanned Asian boob. -_-"

James'. Medium-Rare

Wynne and Eben's
(they each had one la I lazy to take so many of the same pic)


Andrew's. With added mushrooms

Ray's. Medium-Welldone
After that, we slunk our way back to PGP and I proceeded to inspecting my birthday gifts!

Ray and Wynne surprised me with this during dinner:


Cute card

It's a home perfume diffuser!
 I've been wanting to get one of these since FOREVER!

Inside the pretty box

 It smelt damn yummy okay... I wanted to drink it. -_-"

The stalk... thingies...

Cute Jar!!!

The awesome set
 I'm super tempted to use it straightaway cause the smell is freakin' nice! But it's a bit of a waste to use it in my room now that the semester is coming to an end. I'll save it for my new room in PGP next academic year!

From Qabir, who unexpectedly turned up with a gift during the buffet lunch:

Pretty Plastic Bag

I know... how can you go wrong with chocolates right? Hahahahahaha!

Anyhoos... I'm super uber happy with everything. 

And I hope my juries will go well. O_O

And that I don't flunk my academic subjects.

And that we don't drown in Redang.

Okay, Economics has obviously addled my brain.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Nothing Better Than This

Updates in a couple of days.


The family's coming down here next week! Can't wait!

Going for "Peranakan" buffet with Guan Yu and James on Wednesday!

Jury on the 27th.

Exams finish on May 4th.

Wynne's birthday party on May 7th.


Germany in July!

Oh, and Happy 16 Months. =)

Friday, 15 April 2011

Knowing it's a Mistake, but you do it anyway

Remember what I said about taking things for granted?

Yup, it's bitten me arse yet again.

Now I know what they mean by "sucker for punishment". -_-"

I wish I could say that I was whole-fully happy. I'm not. But I'm still proud that you managed to get it.

Whatever your decision is, you know I'd still back you up.

I'm not that selfish.

I hope you know that.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Heart vs Brain

It's a b*tch to choose between them.


Courtesy of Google images

It'll be a really good experience for you, studying with a different teacher for a couple of months and living in a completely different cultural setting. Getting away from our usual YST routine will definitely be refreshing. =)

Just don't drink too much. 


Courtesy of Google images
The "what ifs"

People change when they are away from home, mostly anyways. I know you're stronger than that, but I'm scared...

Ok, scared is an understatement. I'm scared shitless terrified.

Nevertheless, I have faith in you, and I know you'll do well there. Just don't come back with an American accent or I'll whip your butt. -_-"

When you first told me, I had a hunch you would be going regardless. I felt horrible about it at first - you can imagine all the images and scenarios that came flashing into my mind - but then I told myself not to be selfish, and I really DO need to learn to cope better on my own.

I'd miss you... loads. But all the same, I'll be waiting for your return.

Love you.

Promise me you won't let go.

Monday, 11 April 2011


So I was in a cab, on the way to my students' place to teach (violin), I was on the phone with my sis talking about our new puppy (that will be blogged about separately) and sometime towards the end of our conversation, I mentioned teaching.

After we hung up...

Cabbie: Whoa, yew teasch tiuuu-shen ah? How musch yew charsje por 2 hours?
(you teach tuition? How much do you charge for 2 hours?)
Me: Err... not tuition. Music, violin. About 50 an hour.
Cabbie: Oh... that one ah? *imitates holding a violin and bow*
Me: Yeah, that's the one. O_O
Cabbie: Aiya... that one ee-ee-oh-oh. Veli noisy, beh tahan.
(Very noisy, I cannot stand it.)
Me: ... not if you know how to play it well.
Cabbie: Eh... noisy laaaaa..
Me: -_-"

He's not the only one I've come across who thinks the violin is merely capable of producing ee-ee-oh-oh sounds.

courtesy of Google images

But seriously, which beginner sounds good on ANY instrument? Unless you're a musical prodigy of some sort, of course. But seriously, I hate those typical Asian parents' stereotypes. And even if you DO have those stereotypes, keep it to yourself man... It's insulting for us who are in the business. We don't insult your profession, so do us a favor and not insult ours.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Of World Invasions and... Thai Food!!!

Went out yesterday evening with the mister. =D

Decided that we deserved a break and he wanted to catch this:
"Battle of L.A."
But first, we had to get dinner!

Went to Thai Express:

Happy James
Up Close: Set Dinner with Spring Rolls!

Mine: GLASS NOODLES! *slurp*
We had ice cream as well! Rocher (with bits of Ferrero Rocher in it!) + Cookies and Cream! *drools* I think we both kinda liked the Rocher more though. Hehe.

Bought chocolate cream puffs as well!
YUMMY! From "Beard Papa"
In the cinema
Trying to experiment with my iPhone cam
James' "peace" sign

Someone tried to behead Justin Bieber

Movie was pretty good. Nice story line, cool graphics and stuff. A little too loud and scary for me (the shooting and people dying stuff never goes down well with me O_O), spent half the movie hiding behind James' shoulder. -_-"

Feeling very dizzy now so I'll stop here. 

A general note to everyone: I don't care if you're really WC or not, I will still ban and delete comments posted under that name, thank you.


And if I find that the language used is similar.

Thank you.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Dear Water Closet

You wanted a response, WC?

I'll give it to you.

As mentioned in my chat box earlier, I can take insults thrown at me, anytime. If it's constructive criticism, better still. But what I can't take, are insults thrown at my friends and family.

Note that I did not reply to ANY of your rubbish after my initial 2 responses, once on my chat box, and another, in the form of my own opinionated blog post.

Here's what you said:

Insulting both James and I

Note the ip address (on the right, below time and date).

And then this:
The most recent
All from the same ip address.

In addition to all the insults thrown at me, you insult the people around me:

I'll address all the statements above. One-by-one.

Do not think, for one moment, that I don't know I'm not as good as just about every other violinist in the world. But yeah, me being lame is totally why I'm in YST on full scholarship. -_-" In case you're living under a rock, it's not possible to PAY your way into YST. So unless you've heard me play, don't assume (just because I look butt ugly to you) that I somehow wormed my way into the school.

My boyfriend treats me well, looks after me, encourages me to practice and makes sure I finish my assignments on time. He has his priorities right (which you obviously don't) and I'm grateful to have someone like him with me. He looks fine to me as he is, and I never set much in store on looks anyway. Looks don't make the man, didn't anyone ever tell you that?

From day 1, you've gone on a spree telling me how much I suck, how ugly I am, and how arrogant you think I sound in my blog posts. I get it. So just leave. It's not like I am going to get plastic surgery done or change the way I blog just because you said that I look ugly/I'm a lousy blogger. Spamming my chat box IS definitely a waste of your time, because you could be off doing something beneficial (like working on your attitude problem).

Ok, you're gonna say that wasting your time is your problem, not mine.


But it IS my problem when you pose as my family members. You definitely touched the wrong nerve there. 

I have a grandmother back home who is currently fighting cancer. She struggles to get by on a day to day basis, because the cancer cells hurt. A large part of my motivation for practicing and graduating from university is so that she will be proud of me. 

My family is very small. In addition to my grandparents, parents and siblings, I have 2 aunts, an uncle (by marriage) and no direct cousins. Being a very close-knit family, they are THE most important thing in my life. Don't you DARE insult me by posting comments on my chat box as if you were members of my family, especially not my mom and grandmother.

Anyone who has read the entire "saga" would know that the mentally challenged person here, is you (WC). All you've proven by typing all that nonsense on my chat box is that you completely lack basic common sense and courtesy.

And to whoever who said: maybe she (Clare) didn't bother getting to know you...

Yeah, I would LOVE to get to know a stranger whose first words to me were "ugly retarded b*tch", and also conveniently declared that my boyfriend is "disgusting". 

I've wasted enough of my time typing all the above, but get this:

Any comments you post hereafter WILL be deleted, and I am hereby banning EVERY SINGLE Ip address you've ever posted from. Thank you for entertaining my friends (quite a number of them found it hilarious) and increasing the number of readers who visit this blog, but enough is enough.

Good riddance,

Clarissa Ng
April, 2011

A huge thank you to all who came to my defense, I really appreciate it. =)