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Thursday, 24 March 2011


First off, I'd like to apologize for the 11-day hiatus prior to my previous rant post (I was away in MPYO camp). I was PMS-ing + falling ill for a few days after coming back to Singapore.

I've still got a mild cough and had a mild bout of fever 2 days ago. *sniff sniff* Not to mention sneezing in a super embarrassing manner whilst having supper with James, Kah Chun, ZiYing and the drummer dude at the Indian place along Pasir Panjang - which caused my stomach to churn the whole night. O_O

Sssh... just between you and me I think the drummer is really emo.

Oooh! And I'm performing in a concert being held at the UCC this weekend! It's part of the NUS Arts Festival. Go get your tickets from Sistic (if you happen to be in Singapore la...) or drop me a message! It's entitled Curtain's Up! A Folksong Fantasy, for more info, visit the FACEBOOK PAGE!

And David, I'm listening to your advice (whoa... miracle =P)... Imma just gonna keep  'em trolling. =D


That aside...

Gonna apply for my first ever (whoa this sounds so pathetic)  summer music festival tonight!

(Hopefully) will be going with James and Andrew.

If all things go well, I'll be heading to Germany sometime in July! *squeals in complete excitement* Parents already gave the ok, so we'll be filling in and e-mailing our application forms tonight. I'm just dreading the long flight hours. I mean, I LOVE traveling, but sitting on a plane for 15 hours? Man, I don't think I'll be able to walk straight after that. It's gonna feel like... you know how, when you resume horse-riding classes after not attending for 3 months, and then after a 1-hour lesson of bouncing on the horse, you get off it and your legs feel kinda funny and you're walking sideways like a crab for the next 15 minutes...


Sorry. Gone a lil' bit off-topic there.

Was typing my CV just now and fully realized how bloody inexperienced I am as a musician. -_-" Felt like a total loser wtf. Should force myself to take part in more music-related stuff. Outside the conservatory, I mean.

Working on putting together a blogpost about camp.

Stay tuned!


Tarrant said...

Heee riding a plane for 15 hours and then can't walk straight ahahahahahaha perfect considering your relationship ahahahahaha

Clarissa said...

very funny Tarrant. "tastefully" amusing indeed.

*rolls eyes*

Tarrant said...

I never said anything about tasteful ahahahahahahaha and then I realised your horse analogy and that's even worse due to the multiple usage of horse ahahahahaha