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Thursday, 10 March 2011

One Day Someday Soon

I will find the strength to resist clicking that darn link.

I will curb my curiosity because it's not like the contents are of any importance/significance.

Korean Dramas are more worth the click time spent.

I will not...

Orchestra rehearsal tonight... Was practicing the parts for the NUS Arts Festival earlier. Looked at the MPYO scores a little as well. But as usual, since I haven't listened to some of the pieces whilst following the score, I can't play them. 

I mean, I can work the notes out and stuff, but I can't ever play my parts properly unless I get a recording of the pieces - so I can listen to whatever else that's going on in the orchestra.

Because practicing the 2nd violin part alone without having the full picture in your head is like mowing the lawn with a dessert fork.

I'm currently like this

Will be going for dinner before sectionals with Prof Jason.


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