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Friday, 25 March 2011

iPhone App!

So I was in the process of looking for good photography apps for my iPhone yesterday and asked Vincent to recommend one when we were getting a little bored distracted in History class. He recommended "Pudding Camera", so I downloaded it to test it out.

Only it closes of its own accord within 2 seconds of me launching it.


That got me super du-lan (especially since I deleted and re-downloaded the damn thing 3 times!) so I went hunting for apps myself. After consulting google and reading reviews and stuff, I decided to settle for this:

Fotolr PS


Now I can do stuff like this:

Whoa... Plain-faced to hot mama!

How cool is that?

Not that I would need to use the face lift function larrr... (defensive) =P

Pictures taken from: here. Check the link for more info!

I think the eye effects are f*cking awesome pretty cool. I mean, now I can test out all kinds of styles/colors on my hair/face to see what would be less drastic. You can even pick colored contacts better if you had this app!

*e-hem e-hem* I shall now leave you with my first experiment with the app. It's super easy to use so I did the editing in about... 15-20 minutes ish? 


Taken in Penang


hehehe not bad right?

Looks a bit freaky la... but that's cause it's my face. Guess I'm not meant to wear blue contacts *sobs* though I've always wanted to... Was in the process of coloring my hair as well but I had to rush off for rehearsal. =P Will try that next time!!

Off to experiment more with my phone, toodles!

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