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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Epic Fail

Greatest failure of the century millennium.

Bad enough the trains look like something out of a 60's Wong Fei Hung film...

But your services suck so much that I would dearly have liked to do this

Shoot like a mad woman

to my computer whilst trying to get comprehensible schedules and fare information from your insufferably screwed-up website...

To top it all off, James and I had to go ALL THE WAY to your office only to get this random man coming up to those queuing up and say:

"All 1pm train? No 1pm train don't line up! System down, no more ticket!"

Yes, your system is forever down.

The dude's face so annoying I wanted to

Strangle the idiot.

And then

Pin him down to the floor till he yells "uncle!"

Just when I thought I'd get my first experience going up to KL in a train, some guy who looked like this
The one who talked to us was much uglier
told us that the tickets had all been "sold out". And when we asked him to check...

"oh, tak boleh. Sistem down tak boleh cek"
(oh, cannot. System down cannot check)

Then how you know got no more tickets??


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