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Monday, 28 March 2011

Asian Contemporary Ensemble

We had our 2-night debut performance over the weekend and it was a pretty awesome experience.

Didn't take much pictures on the first night, but here are some of last night's. =D

During soundcheck:
My 21st Birthday Present from the aunt
I couldn't resist taking a picture of it
gleaming under the stage lights =P

Getting ready:
James and I in the Dressing Room

ZiYing and I

From left: Jun Yan (composer), Marcus (flautist),
Zhang Feng (clarinetist), Danny (composer)

After concert:
Top line: Ed Cruz (poet), Jason (drummer), Clarissa (violin), 
Syaf (composer), Marcus (flute), Danny (composer), Joshua (piano), 
ZiYing (viola), Zhang Feng (clarinet), James (cello), Jun Yan (composer)
Bottom line: Sufri, Gigi, Shahrin, Kah Chun (conductor), Matius (composer) 

Got my paycheck as well!

Extra Shopping Money!!!
Right. I've got to edit my history essay as well as work on the MCM project that's to be discussed in class tomorrow so...

Bye bye!

We got the confirmation e-mail this morning!!! Wheee~!
Walao damn excited.
Germany it is!! *jumps around ecstatically*

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