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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

To Laugh or to Cry, That is the Question

So apparently...

Mr Justin baby-faced Bieber is having his KL concert soon.

On my birthday.

I don't know whether to laugh or feel insulted. -_-" I'm sorry, Bieber is not my cuppa tea. And I find it so ironic his Ads are appearing on my blog thanks to Nuffnang wtf. O_O

At least my complete dismay will be shared by Queen Elizabeth II.

Bet her face would look just like this:

Homework time!!!

Ze Blog...

Is going through major renovation. =D

Bear with the messiness for a few days yeah? I'll try to get it fixed soon. Going for new colours and a new look! 

Had McD Big Breakfast after Economics tutorial. Weehoo!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Asian Contemporary Ensemble

We had our 2-night debut performance over the weekend and it was a pretty awesome experience.

Didn't take much pictures on the first night, but here are some of last night's. =D

During soundcheck:
My 21st Birthday Present from the aunt
I couldn't resist taking a picture of it
gleaming under the stage lights =P

Getting ready:
James and I in the Dressing Room

ZiYing and I

From left: Jun Yan (composer), Marcus (flautist),
Zhang Feng (clarinetist), Danny (composer)

After concert:
Top line: Ed Cruz (poet), Jason (drummer), Clarissa (violin), 
Syaf (composer), Marcus (flute), Danny (composer), Joshua (piano), 
ZiYing (viola), Zhang Feng (clarinet), James (cello), Jun Yan (composer)
Bottom line: Sufri, Gigi, Shahrin, Kah Chun (conductor), Matius (composer) 

Got my paycheck as well!

Extra Shopping Money!!!
Right. I've got to edit my history essay as well as work on the MCM project that's to be discussed in class tomorrow so...

Bye bye!

We got the confirmation e-mail this morning!!! Wheee~!
Walao damn excited.
Germany it is!! *jumps around ecstatically*

Saturday, 26 March 2011


I will be in a SUPER piss-y mood today and tomorrow so no one get on my nerves cause I'm about to friggin' explode!!

Picture courtesy of Google Images

And to answer your question, my regular (worthwhile) readers...

yes, it's that time of the month again.


To those of you in Singapore, do come support the mentioned concert happening tonight and tomorrow night in my previous blog posts. It's being held at the University Cultural Centre right next to the Conservatory. Hope to see you there!


Friday, 25 March 2011


Watched Russel Peters' show in camp on Andrew's laptop.

Here's a short clip about New York Italians:


iPhone App!

So I was in the process of looking for good photography apps for my iPhone yesterday and asked Vincent to recommend one when we were getting a little bored distracted in History class. He recommended "Pudding Camera", so I downloaded it to test it out.

Only it closes of its own accord within 2 seconds of me launching it.


That got me super du-lan (especially since I deleted and re-downloaded the damn thing 3 times!) so I went hunting for apps myself. After consulting google and reading reviews and stuff, I decided to settle for this:

Fotolr PS


Now I can do stuff like this:

Whoa... Plain-faced to hot mama!

How cool is that?

Not that I would need to use the face lift function larrr... (defensive) =P

Pictures taken from: here. Check the link for more info!

I think the eye effects are f*cking awesome pretty cool. I mean, now I can test out all kinds of styles/colors on my hair/face to see what would be less drastic. You can even pick colored contacts better if you had this app!

*e-hem e-hem* I shall now leave you with my first experiment with the app. It's super easy to use so I did the editing in about... 15-20 minutes ish? 


Taken in Penang


hehehe not bad right?

Looks a bit freaky la... but that's cause it's my face. Guess I'm not meant to wear blue contacts *sobs* though I've always wanted to... Was in the process of coloring my hair as well but I had to rush off for rehearsal. =P Will try that next time!!

Off to experiment more with my phone, toodles!

Thursday, 24 March 2011


First off, I'd like to apologize for the 11-day hiatus prior to my previous rant post (I was away in MPYO camp). I was PMS-ing + falling ill for a few days after coming back to Singapore.

I've still got a mild cough and had a mild bout of fever 2 days ago. *sniff sniff* Not to mention sneezing in a super embarrassing manner whilst having supper with James, Kah Chun, ZiYing and the drummer dude at the Indian place along Pasir Panjang - which caused my stomach to churn the whole night. O_O

Sssh... just between you and me I think the drummer is really emo.

Oooh! And I'm performing in a concert being held at the UCC this weekend! It's part of the NUS Arts Festival. Go get your tickets from Sistic (if you happen to be in Singapore la...) or drop me a message! It's entitled Curtain's Up! A Folksong Fantasy, for more info, visit the FACEBOOK PAGE!

And David, I'm listening to your advice (whoa... miracle =P)... Imma just gonna keep  'em trolling. =D


That aside...

Gonna apply for my first ever (whoa this sounds so pathetic)  summer music festival tonight!

(Hopefully) will be going with James and Andrew.

If all things go well, I'll be heading to Germany sometime in July! *squeals in complete excitement* Parents already gave the ok, so we'll be filling in and e-mailing our application forms tonight. I'm just dreading the long flight hours. I mean, I LOVE traveling, but sitting on a plane for 15 hours? Man, I don't think I'll be able to walk straight after that. It's gonna feel like... you know how, when you resume horse-riding classes after not attending for 3 months, and then after a 1-hour lesson of bouncing on the horse, you get off it and your legs feel kinda funny and you're walking sideways like a crab for the next 15 minutes...


Sorry. Gone a lil' bit off-topic there.

Was typing my CV just now and fully realized how bloody inexperienced I am as a musician. -_-" Felt like a total loser wtf. Should force myself to take part in more music-related stuff. Outside the conservatory, I mean.

Working on putting together a blogpost about camp.

Stay tuned!


Some people have this

For brains.


Monday, 21 March 2011

Mind Boggling-ly Amusing

It's amazing how some people have the guts to insult someone they don't know and then not have the balls to tell me who they are.

Absolutely amazing.

I mean, if I knew who you were at least I'd be able to figure out what I did to get that type of remark. But as it is, I do not know a Wendy Cheong and am wholefully amused and appalled at the same time.

And I don't appreciate her insulting 'my boyfriend' either.

If I'm the one you don't like, insult me enough la... Like as if you know my boyfriend personally to be talking about him that way. But of course, if you Did know him personally, you'd know that he's not in any shape or form 'disgusting'. In fact, that adjective would be more accurate in describing yourself. Sheesh.

Then again you might be one of those losers who like visiting blogs and sprouting nonsense on other people's chat boxes because you don't have a life.

Honestly, do us all a favor and buzz off. You're nothing but a waste of space.

Ok, rant over. =D


Now that I'm SURE I do not know you personally, go get a life.

Ugly or not, I couldn't be bothered. I'm happy with the way I look, and I'm happy with the way my boyfriend looks. At least I know we're both beyond stalking other people's blogs and calling them "ugly" "retarded" "bitch" and "disgusting". *rolls eyes*

However, the last time I checked, ugly doesn't equal "retarded" and "bitch", nor does it equal "disgusting". Have I met you before? Have I spoke to you in person? Hasn't anyone told you that you should never judge a book by its cover?

If you think I look ugly, just stop coming to my blog you retard. (I'm not "judging", you must be really retarded to remark on the characteristics of people you don't know).

Good luck with your "gorgeous" life.

And meanwhile, I shall continue posting as many pictures as I please, because there's a reason it's MY blog, and not yours.

Go f*ck yourself.


Thursday, 10 March 2011

One Day Someday Soon

I will find the strength to resist clicking that darn link.

I will curb my curiosity because it's not like the contents are of any importance/significance.

Korean Dramas are more worth the click time spent.

I will not...

Orchestra rehearsal tonight... Was practicing the parts for the NUS Arts Festival earlier. Looked at the MPYO scores a little as well. But as usual, since I haven't listened to some of the pieces whilst following the score, I can't play them. 

I mean, I can work the notes out and stuff, but I can't ever play my parts properly unless I get a recording of the pieces - so I can listen to whatever else that's going on in the orchestra.

Because practicing the 2nd violin part alone without having the full picture in your head is like mowing the lawn with a dessert fork.

I'm currently like this

Will be going for dinner before sectionals with Prof Jason.


Pictures courtesy of Google Images

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Epic Fail

Greatest failure of the century millennium.

Bad enough the trains look like something out of a 60's Wong Fei Hung film...

But your services suck so much that I would dearly have liked to do this

Shoot like a mad woman

to my computer whilst trying to get comprehensible schedules and fare information from your insufferably screwed-up website...

To top it all off, James and I had to go ALL THE WAY to your office only to get this random man coming up to those queuing up and say:

"All 1pm train? No 1pm train don't line up! System down, no more ticket!"

Yes, your system is forever down.

The dude's face so annoying I wanted to

Strangle the idiot.

And then

Pin him down to the floor till he yells "uncle!"

Just when I thought I'd get my first experience going up to KL in a train, some guy who looked like this
The one who talked to us was much uglier
told us that the tickets had all been "sold out". And when we asked him to check...

"oh, tak boleh. Sistem down tak boleh cek"
(oh, cannot. System down cannot check)

Then how you know got no more tickets??


Sunday, 6 March 2011

You Know What?

I'm past the point of caring.

What you think of me, what you think I said/did... barely matters anymore.

We were once pretty close (or was that what I thought because it was what you said? - I don't know) and I have no idea how it got so tense suddenly, but I'll live with it.

Because I'm past that, and you're not exactly worth the trouble.

I shall continue composing Dr. Onishi's Atonal music project whilst stuffing myself with my afternoon snack:

Awesome fishy-ness! =D=D=D

Friday, 4 March 2011

Here I Am (from Secret Garden OST)

It's something the harmony just does to my heart...

The soothing voice also helps.

But the music is...


Here's a different version:

I wish people wrote more songs like these instead of pumping (deafening) club music.