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Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Been real busy (and ill) these couple o' days, which is why I haven't had the time nor the inspiration to blog. I tried a couple of times, only to close the window in the end. =(


Please ignore the insanely messy cupboard behind me.
Got this cover from outside of Central Library. Cute Right??

I'm loving it so far. The apps are real addictive though. Hehehehe. I just downloaded this awesome alarm clock that uses songs from my playlists as alarm ringtones! I LOVE waking up to music I like listening to. =D

Speaking of waking up, the rain finally stopped after raining for more than 24hours! Grrr.... It's been a pain falling asleep, and even more of a pain to wake up! Going to major class was even worse, cause I was having my period at the same time and I had to travel all the way to his house...


Luckily I had James' trusty "aunty umbrella", or I would've gotten drenched.

"Aunty" umbrella.

Anyways, I have a concert to perform in tonight, so I'll need to make my way back to school soon. *yawn* I hope I haven't put on weight since coming back to Singapore, cause Wee Qin's dress fit me just right when I tried it on last.

And I don't have a Plan B concert attire.


Wish me luck!

I'm going home tomorrow!!!!

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