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Friday, 25 February 2011

Penang Trip 2011

So on Friday last week, we were bound for Penang to play for OMM + PSO. 

But before boarding the plane, we had to have lunch first.

Toast Box, Clementi MRT Station

James pouting.

Nice 70's Deco

Mee Siam + Teh Peng (Iced Tea)

Curry Chicken Rice *drool*

 Then we took the train to Changi Airport, checked in, and met up with the rest of the YST-ians.

Waiting to board the plane
From left: Shan Kun, Bryan Tan, Bryan Lee,
Liu Chuang, Ching Ling, Sze Ting, Chai Suang

James and I

On the travellator thingy. (I think that's what you call it)


 I have NEVER been able to find one that had my name, but I didn't buy it because the Chinese version of pronunciation sounded (in Guan Yu's words), super orbiang. I just found it really weird, and WAY too expensive.

Finally, bye bye Singapore!!

 And then our world turned upside down. See, a few of them had their own homes to go back to (Bryan Tan, Chai Suang and Sze Ting were all Penang-ites) and a few others were bunking in their home. That left Liu Chuang, Yu Chen, James and I to find our way to the accommodation provided.

An hour ++ taxi ride, 10 phone calls and RM44.70 later, we arrived to discover this:

Dirty toilets
 The entire floor had 19 rooms (some dual, triple and quad sharing), and only had 1 toilet for each gender. Amongst 4 shower cubicles, only 1 had a heater, and there were only 2 toilet cubicles.


The bed which gave way like a cloud the second you sat on it.
 We didn't like the prospect, and debated on checking into a hotel that night itself, but decided we'd discuss with the rest when we meet up for dinner, but first...


James' purchases from Giordano

Happy James

We were waiting for the others, so what the heck, snap a pic!

 Dinner and supper that night was good~ I didn't take pics cause we were too busy eating!!! (Will remember to take pics next time!)

Oh, and we DID check into a hotel that night itself. Couldn't stand the prospect of staying so far from town and having to share 4 shower cubicles with 30 other people, plus sleeping on beds that might crumble anytime. O_O

Oooh! And I painted my nails for the concert!! They said funky accessories, so I figured I'd have funky nails!

Will take a pic and upload it soon. =)

Anyways, moving on...

This was lunch the next day.

Went for rehearsals after that. Nothing much happened, but I really have to remember to snap more pictures!! 

Next morning...

Breakfast @ Old Town White Coffee

Grinning James

Concert make-up

 The concert was pretty good. I mean, the turn out wasn't great, but Elizabeth (Cellist, Elgar Cello Concerto) was awesome, and the orchestra did pretty well.

Prof Chan even gave me his bouquet of flowers (because apparently, it was very unbecoming for him to carry it around), but it's probably fermenting in Chee Gang's car. =P

Again, I forgot to snap a pic. *curses* but it looked something like this:

So yeah...

We headed for supper, then back to the hotel to sleep.

Next morning, we woke up, had breakfast next to the hotel then headed for more shopping!!!

Me looking tired in the cab.

 When we entered the shopping mall, a huge bed was on display. Before we could run away, a sales assistant approached us and started talking about "massage mattress".

She had James at "massage". LOL!

James enjoying himself

We pretended to be interested in what she was telling us.

 We were later joined by Chai Suang, Sze Ting, Shan Kun, Liu Chuang and Yu Chen.

Having a cuppa at Winter Warmers


Cute tea set displays

So English, no?

Happy James


As much as we loved it there, all good things come to an end. On our last night, we had supper at Gurney Drive and had lots of laughs with the Woon siblings and Shan Kun.

The Last Supper

We checked out from our hotel at 7.30am the next morning and took a cab to the airport along with Lu Chuang and Yu Chen. Met up with Chai Suang and boarded the plane back to Singapore. =(

I'm not sure when our next visit will be, but I will Definitely go back to Penang!

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