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Friday, 11 February 2011

In The Process

Of writing a response to whatever someone put on my cbox.

I figured since that person had the time to type all that out, I figured I should make time to reply.

Stay tuned...


Lina An said...

i read that lengthy comment. this is one good reason why i did away with my chatbox.
1) too much spam [hv u seen Lou's?!]
2) if they really want to comment and not be a wuss, click on the comment button. =.=

for whatever reason, sometimes, with comments like that, i can't be bothered, simply because.

But, I AM looking fwd to your reply. Feeling the spunk adi. Hehe!

Clarissa said...

I know right??? Like, I wanna reply also so damn difficult cause I gotta keep scrolling to make sure I didn't misunderstand/misinterpret the comments. Ish!

And people should stop assuming they know someone just by the way that person responded to something a certain way. You know my mom, and you know she never settled for second best, especially when it came to music.

Whoever commented made me sound like a spoilt brat. -_-"