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Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Dreaded Nightmare

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but, isn't PMS supposed to be BEFORE, not during?

Urgh! I hate it when I get those monthly thingys at a most inconvenient time. The complete discomfort, the bloated-ness, the unwillingness to move around, the lost of appetite...


I currently look like this:

Brain not functioning...

Been trying to do Econs notes and study the whole morning, but I've been getting these sudden pangs of discomfort and it's so friggin' annoying! Just when I need to get work done on my weekend before the upcoming hell week...

Luckily it didn't hit me on Monday or I would've cried!

Ugly schedule next week:

4-hour orchestral rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday, 6 hours on Wednesday, 3 hours on Thursday, and rehearsal + concert on Friday. How the f*** am I supposed to finish my academic work AND practice my own pieces??? Oh, and I also have the Econs mid-term test on Wednesday.


And I'm supposed to fit teaching in there some where... *faints*

I'm going to have to give answers like this soon.

Ok, rant over.

I shall continue to drown myself in James' Economics textbook. ='(

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