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Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Dreaded Nightmare

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but, isn't PMS supposed to be BEFORE, not during?

Urgh! I hate it when I get those monthly thingys at a most inconvenient time. The complete discomfort, the bloated-ness, the unwillingness to move around, the lost of appetite...


I currently look like this:

Brain not functioning...

Been trying to do Econs notes and study the whole morning, but I've been getting these sudden pangs of discomfort and it's so friggin' annoying! Just when I need to get work done on my weekend before the upcoming hell week...

Luckily it didn't hit me on Monday or I would've cried!

Ugly schedule next week:

4-hour orchestral rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday, 6 hours on Wednesday, 3 hours on Thursday, and rehearsal + concert on Friday. How the f*** am I supposed to finish my academic work AND practice my own pieces??? Oh, and I also have the Econs mid-term test on Wednesday.


And I'm supposed to fit teaching in there some where... *faints*

I'm going to have to give answers like this soon.

Ok, rant over.

I shall continue to drown myself in James' Economics textbook. ='(

Friday, 25 February 2011

Penang Trip 2011

So on Friday last week, we were bound for Penang to play for OMM + PSO. 

But before boarding the plane, we had to have lunch first.

Toast Box, Clementi MRT Station

James pouting.

Nice 70's Deco

Mee Siam + Teh Peng (Iced Tea)

Curry Chicken Rice *drool*

 Then we took the train to Changi Airport, checked in, and met up with the rest of the YST-ians.

Waiting to board the plane
From left: Shan Kun, Bryan Tan, Bryan Lee,
Liu Chuang, Ching Ling, Sze Ting, Chai Suang

James and I

On the travellator thingy. (I think that's what you call it)


 I have NEVER been able to find one that had my name, but I didn't buy it because the Chinese version of pronunciation sounded (in Guan Yu's words), super orbiang. I just found it really weird, and WAY too expensive.

Finally, bye bye Singapore!!

 And then our world turned upside down. See, a few of them had their own homes to go back to (Bryan Tan, Chai Suang and Sze Ting were all Penang-ites) and a few others were bunking in their home. That left Liu Chuang, Yu Chen, James and I to find our way to the accommodation provided.

An hour ++ taxi ride, 10 phone calls and RM44.70 later, we arrived to discover this:

Dirty toilets
 The entire floor had 19 rooms (some dual, triple and quad sharing), and only had 1 toilet for each gender. Amongst 4 shower cubicles, only 1 had a heater, and there were only 2 toilet cubicles.


The bed which gave way like a cloud the second you sat on it.
 We didn't like the prospect, and debated on checking into a hotel that night itself, but decided we'd discuss with the rest when we meet up for dinner, but first...


James' purchases from Giordano

Happy James

We were waiting for the others, so what the heck, snap a pic!

 Dinner and supper that night was good~ I didn't take pics cause we were too busy eating!!! (Will remember to take pics next time!)

Oh, and we DID check into a hotel that night itself. Couldn't stand the prospect of staying so far from town and having to share 4 shower cubicles with 30 other people, plus sleeping on beds that might crumble anytime. O_O

Oooh! And I painted my nails for the concert!! They said funky accessories, so I figured I'd have funky nails!

Will take a pic and upload it soon. =)

Anyways, moving on...

This was lunch the next day.

Went for rehearsals after that. Nothing much happened, but I really have to remember to snap more pictures!! 

Next morning...

Breakfast @ Old Town White Coffee

Grinning James

Concert make-up

 The concert was pretty good. I mean, the turn out wasn't great, but Elizabeth (Cellist, Elgar Cello Concerto) was awesome, and the orchestra did pretty well.

Prof Chan even gave me his bouquet of flowers (because apparently, it was very unbecoming for him to carry it around), but it's probably fermenting in Chee Gang's car. =P

Again, I forgot to snap a pic. *curses* but it looked something like this:

So yeah...

We headed for supper, then back to the hotel to sleep.

Next morning, we woke up, had breakfast next to the hotel then headed for more shopping!!!

Me looking tired in the cab.

 When we entered the shopping mall, a huge bed was on display. Before we could run away, a sales assistant approached us and started talking about "massage mattress".

She had James at "massage". LOL!

James enjoying himself

We pretended to be interested in what she was telling us.

 We were later joined by Chai Suang, Sze Ting, Shan Kun, Liu Chuang and Yu Chen.

Having a cuppa at Winter Warmers


Cute tea set displays

So English, no?

Happy James


As much as we loved it there, all good things come to an end. On our last night, we had supper at Gurney Drive and had lots of laughs with the Woon siblings and Shan Kun.

The Last Supper

We checked out from our hotel at 7.30am the next morning and took a cab to the airport along with Lu Chuang and Yu Chen. Met up with Chai Suang and boarded the plane back to Singapore. =(

I'm not sure when our next visit will be, but I will Definitely go back to Penang!

Thursday, 24 February 2011


BIG time.

Doing my laundry and working on my History essay but my brain's shutting down. I really wanna get working on that Penang trip post but I'm too lazy......


Gah, here's a picture first:

James and I
@Gurney Plaza

And I'll get to the post as soon as possible. =D

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

La la la~

Had an awesome trip to Penang. Will blog about that later.

But for now...

To the one up there:

Can you please stop hurting the people I care about?

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Penang Tomorrow!

Will be playing in this:

Goes To Penang!
Details are as follows...

20 February · 15:00 - 18:00

Dewan Sri Pinang
Lebuh Light 10200
Penang, Malaysia

Created by:

The Orchestra of the Music Makers makes its first concert tour to Penang! OMM will be performing together on stage with the Penang Philharmonic Orchestra in a performance not to be missed.

Conductor: Chan Tze Law
Cello Soloist: Elizabeth Tan

Glinka- Overture to Russlan and Ludmilla
Elgar- Cello Concerto in E minor
Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherazade

Come support if you're in Penang! =D

For more details, visit the Facebook page here.

The official website: OMM.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Parenting Pt. 2

Comment response?

I don't know what you call it, but oh well.

To Cynthia, whoever you are, with all due respect I may seem biased or naive with regards to my response to Amy Chua's article, but note I DID say they were MY views and no one had to agree with them.

Not being a parent myself, I may not understand where she was coming from. Here's my response to YOUR comment(s), and let me justify them for my own sake.

Fact 1 : I was not judging her.

Lemme go through your comments one by one, shall we?

"Hey you know what, you cant compare yourself to Amy Chua's children. You say you join extra curricular activities in school, but sophia and lulu didnt because they practised music most of the time"

Just because my views are different, don't make assumptions as to how I was brought up. I played both the piano and violin as well, and as a child, I disliked practicing (because it was rote repetition) but I did it because I loved how it felt when I could play my pieces well. By the time I was 15, every spare hour was spent on either the piano or violin. My school work often had to wait till past 10pm, when neighbors wouldn't complain about me practicing.

Go read the article and watch her interviews. She clearly said that being strict with Sophia was fine, but Lulu rebelled, and in the end, she had to find another way to approach Lulu.

"and that is how sophia ended up in carnegie hall. you are not even fit to play in carnegia hall its normal for you to have different views"

Err... what has it got to do with what I can't do?

Yes, I'm a lousy violinist; yes, I will never play in Carnegie Hall; yes, Sophia made it there because she practiced music all the time.

But Lulu didn't, did she? Because what worked on Sophia didn't work on Lulu. Amy Chua said herself that the book was a self-discovery, that parenting is a very subjective field and there is no 1-0-1 when it comes to parenting, because every child is not the same!

Go read this article. It tells of how Amy Chua was humbled by Lulu, and realized that she can't treat both her children the same way.

"and I bet you hadn't read the Battle Hymn of the mother tiger because if you did you probably wouldn't have said things that way."

When did I ever say that I read the book? My response was with regards to the article, not her book. And as I said, I watched her interviews online after reading the article so my views are not wholly one-sided.

And it's "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother".

"its annoying how people like yourself read a page of articles and give a hell lot of feedbacks without even understanding the true story behind all the stated highlights on articles."

I'm dreadfully sorry if I annoyed you, but if I were giving feedback I would have mailed it to Amy Chua instead of posting on my blog as an article RESPONSE. It was a personal RESPONSE, not a rebuttal.

There's a subtle difference.

And it's page(s) of articles to you.

"people arent born to be good in something. if everyone take their time in doing something, they would all be able to do it when they are older but thats not the point. how is that achievement even considered outstanding if everyone your age could do that? children work hard when they are young to be amazing people when they grow up."

Ah... that's why we always need a balance, right? If everyone were like Sophia, (as you tactfully mentioned) no one would be regarded as "outstanding". Which is precisely why we have people like me, who is content to perform in an orchestra because I freeze up in front of an audience when I'm performing solo.

I'm a skeptic, but I'm also a realist.

And you know what's better than a child who works hard because they have a mother like Amy Chua?

A child who works hard because they want to.

"not attending sleepovers and playdates are reasonable. If you've been to one you'd know if it even benefits you from anything. such activities are for lifeless kids who do not think about their future they just want people to keep them company. they just think about enjoyment. Think about this, if amy chua were your mother, you'd probably hate her for all she did to you."

But think about it this way, how about learning to communicate with other children?

The greatest musicians (or any successful person, for that matter) are ones with both technical and social skills. Not mixing with other children could result in a child that is introverted and withdrawn.

Which child doesn't want to be in company? No one likes to be left alone.

"but when you take up the violin and realise that you can play so well, so well that everyone who listens to you praise you and gave genuine feedbacks about how good you are in the violin i dont think that you'd regret having her as a mother anymore, instead will feel deeply grateful for all that she has done despite all that pressuring and the lost of a childhood."

I wouldn't know what would happen if I had Amy Chua for a mother, because my own mother is very different. Having said that, I DO feel deeply grateful that my mother didn't let me give up playing the violin when I was very close to dropping it.

But she never had to threaten to burn my dollhouse.

Again, I'm not saying Amy Chua is less of a mother than mine is, just that she has a different approach to educating her children.

Life is a bit like economics. No decision is made without something else being sacrificed, it's something economists call "opportunity cost". At the expense of being great, Michael Jackson had no childhood (I didn't use Amy's children as examples because her husband still made sure they had their fair share of child-related outings); at the expense enjoying my childhood, I probably will never be as good as I could have been on the violin if my mother had pushed me to practice harder.

But I guess I'll never find out.

After reading this, you can still say I'm an ignorant, ungrateful child (because once you form an opinion about someone, it's super difficult to change it). But let me tell you this, I am a 21-year-old who loves and is loved by her family, I have friends who care (I hope =P), whom I care about, and as much as I complain all the time about how life don't always go my way...


Friday, 11 February 2011

In The Process

Of writing a response to whatever someone put on my cbox.

I figured since that person had the time to type all that out, I figured I should make time to reply.

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Pray Hard

I hope everything goes well this afternoon.

It's not like I did anything wrong anyways.


Was almost late for orchestra this morning because the Econs tutor was talking without a break. -_-" Had to excuse ourselves and run back to YST or we would have been toast.

I feel like this right now:


More cute pictures:

Waaaa... I wanna hug!!

Pictures from here.

I WILL sleep early tonight!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I Have No Idea

Why I'm suddenly feeling so depressed.

From: http://leloveimage.blogspot.com/
If only there was a piece of land covered in grass that I could just lie on, stare at the sky and let time just... pass by.

Food for thought:

From: http://leloveimage.blogspot.com/

Please don't let go...

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Been real busy (and ill) these couple o' days, which is why I haven't had the time nor the inspiration to blog. I tried a couple of times, only to close the window in the end. =(


Please ignore the insanely messy cupboard behind me.
Got this cover from outside of Central Library. Cute Right??

I'm loving it so far. The apps are real addictive though. Hehehehe. I just downloaded this awesome alarm clock that uses songs from my playlists as alarm ringtones! I LOVE waking up to music I like listening to. =D

Speaking of waking up, the rain finally stopped after raining for more than 24hours! Grrr.... It's been a pain falling asleep, and even more of a pain to wake up! Going to major class was even worse, cause I was having my period at the same time and I had to travel all the way to his house...


Luckily I had James' trusty "aunty umbrella", or I would've gotten drenched.

"Aunty" umbrella.

Anyways, I have a concert to perform in tonight, so I'll need to make my way back to school soon. *yawn* I hope I haven't put on weight since coming back to Singapore, cause Wee Qin's dress fit me just right when I tried it on last.

And I don't have a Plan B concert attire.


Wish me luck!

I'm going home tomorrow!!!!