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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Of Beers, Pizzas and...


And I thought A level Economics was dreadfully dreary.

At least Mrs Chiu would use different examples every week. This woman used pizzas (as example) for last week's lecture, and she's using pizzas (+beer) again this week.

Apparently, the more pizzas you eat, the more beer you need to drink.

*I swear I could hear Guan Yu going: but I don't drink beer leh~ *

I reckon the lecturer knows her stuff, but her explanations are horribly confusing. I panicked for a bit the first time I saw her lecture notes cause they looked very different from what I learnt back in MCKL. But after attending her lecture... -_-

It's just the same things taught a different way.

And it's not a very comprehensible way, might I add.

When I go back to KL for Chinese New Year, I shall dig up all my old Econs notes and textbooks. My memory's gone rusty, so I'll need some time to get it back. (Not gonna be easy cause I've forgotten a huge chunk when I left MCKL).

I just drew something on a scrap piece of paper that made James laugh when he saw it. Will take a picture and post it up here when I get back to PGP tonight.

Grr... I'm feeling jittery cause I've got major at 5pm later.

Followed by chamber studio at 6pm.

Okay, this lecturer is officially getting no stars from me for the teacher's evaluation survey at the end of the semester. *frowns*

I shall bring my awesome earphones next lecture and listen to some Mozart/Haydn whilst reading my old econs notes instead of listen to this hag go on about pizzas, beer and cigarettes.


I shall go "window shopping" on Gmarket.com


Yes, I'm becoming a cheapskate. So sue me.

Budget Barbie, it's all your fault!


Lina An said...

you shop at Gmarket too?? if only they opened one in M'sia! I've browsed through the stuff. awesomeness cheap!! hehe.

Clarissa said...

Hahahaha. It is! It's so darn hard to resist buying the stuff they have in there!

Haha. If you wanna get anything, I can always bring it back to you from Sg ya'know? =D