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Monday, 20 December 2010

Moozy Schmoozy

It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

So, MPYO tour's over. I had heaps of fun rehearsing, performing and hanging out with the tribe and all. Jun Yi's piece was a pain to practice, but enjoyable when it's being rehearsed with the whole orchestra.

Last concert of the entire tour was last night at DFP, so if you lot missed it, your loss! The err... "Indian" side of my family came as well. Took pictures with them before leaving the hall.

Photos will be up soon.

Woke up at 12pm today. =P Hey, I was tired. Like, really really tired. Hehe.

Hoping to go for a Tribal Christmas outing this coming Saturday. Meeting with Liu Jian at her place tomorrow morning for coffee and chit chat. Lol. Supposed to play for her but, I haven't practiced my own repertoire since going for camp so... yeah.

Gonna go shopping for winter wear soon as well. Apparently Macau's gonna really chilly this time around so, we'd better be prepared. Don't want my nose to fall off or something. O.O!

Oh, and on a random note...

Happy 1st anniversary dear. =)

Eh, lao niang did this myself okay... not bad right? =P

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