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Monday, 6 December 2010

For the Love of All That's Music

Dang, it's camp tomorrow!

Spent a total of 3 hours on the pieces so far (today). Gotta do more later if I don't want my head chopped off. -.-

Mahler is a pain in the butt. Not because I don't like the piece (quite on the contrary), it's just because...

I can't friggin play it yet.

Well, not well anyway. =( Yes, I suck. So sue me.

Went shopping with the family yesterday after a huge lunch with 3 other families. Lol. Said hi to Marcus and others in Nando's (they were gonna have dinner so I dropped in to say hi) while my mom was buying her stuff from Kiehls (she's obsessed). Joined my family again in Isetan to get err... undies. =P

Dad got a new Mac cause there's something wrong with the motherboard of our own one. Got struck by lightning, apparently. Blergh~ Instead of opting to fix it, we figured we might as well get a new one.

Had dinner at Chakri Palace! Awesome stuff (though I didn't have much of an appetite). But I insisted on sharing my favorite dessert (red rubies with jackfruit slices in coconut milk in a fresh coconut shell *drool*) with my sister. =D

It looks like this:

But ours came in the coconut shell. I didn't take a picture, so yeah. It's courtesy of google images. =D

We had this as well:

And my parents and aunt each had a bowl of this:
Tom Yam!!!

It is the only thing I bothered taking a picture of. Cause when it came, we were all like "whoa~" (it was really spicy) and then I said that I was gonna put this on Facebook and tag Guan Yu in it (cause she loves tom yam). =P My mom was all: yeah! you should do that!

Right. I'm off to practice now. Toodles!


Lina An said...

How does your mom find Kiehl's products? Is it good?

Clarissa said...

Mom's absolutely obsessed. =P

Haha. Yeah they're awesome. I love the shampoo! =D

Amelia Yeoh Jia Min said...

we should go again, and for the tom yam. haha