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Thursday, 23 December 2010

All Smiles!

Went ALL the way back down to KL from Genting to collect my sister's PMR results.

Mom, aunt and I were standing around her when her form teacher dug her result slip out, and let out very embarrassingly loud squeals when we saw the whole line of "A"s. All seven of 'em.

Ah, we're all very proud of her.

The grandma's medical reports have also improved.

Double good news.


We're really an all-smiles family today.

Ate lunch at Fullhouse before heading back to Genting (again). Wanted to watch a movie but... yeah. Gulliver's Travels had all been sold out. =( Dinner was awesome though.

Helped my sis register her iPad and now she can't tear her eyes off it. O.O

Life's good.

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