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Monday, 22 November 2010


So the blog has undergone a pretty drastic change. My blogging "style" (like as if I had one in the first place *rolls eyes*) will alter a little as well. The sarcasm and cynical remarks will remain, of course, I can't change THAT much, but yeah... Stay tuned to find out!

Anyways, since someone asked, this is the site that I used to photoshop my pictures.


It's great for Mac users because every other (free) photoshop application fails to download properly on Macs (cause they're so darn picky).

This is what the window looks like when you select "Jump Right In".

After you "Jump Right In", select the "File" icon and click "open image". You can then select a photo you wish to edit and yea... Let the magic begin. =)

For my previous picture, I used mainly the loop, pencil, brush and smudge to edit it. And yes Lina, I "sharpened my chin". LOL. If you have a square jaw (like I do), just use the smudge icon to line your jaw. Consequently, you'll have to re-shape your hair (like I had to do in my previous experiment).

Pay attention to the adjust functions that appear below "file/edit/image" when you click a particular function. It will allow you to adjust the tool's size and strength.

Sorry, but I can't be stuffed taking screenshots of every step I'm mentioning cause well, I still need to get back to studying after this. O.o!

That's all I've gotten so far, really. I LOVE the smudge function!

Here's a picture I edited using JUST the smudge function:

Disclaimer: I did NOT do this to spite Justin Bieber fans. =D

Have fun!

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